Dog Companions v 2.0

by Grumpy and Emma

Requires: Bloodmoon
Featuring Cait's dog models

This is a new and very much improved version of Grumpy's and mine old Dog Companions mod, using the same scripts as for Wolf Companion ver 3.0

A problem with previously existing dog companions was that they tended to shake their heads all the time when in follow-mode. Grumpy and I had a workaround for this, but it only worked partially

In this mod, that problem has been fully resolved!!

Cait decided that she wanted to upgrade her dog models in order to make them better companions. Here, you can see the result for yourself.

Visit Cait's website and look at her beautiful animal models!

Outside The Scar in Ald'ruhn, you will find a darkelf who has four different dogs for sale - a husky, a rottweiler and two dalmatians, all made by Cait.

Each one of the dogs are using the same companion script as Wolf Companion Spot, with a warping system based on Grumpy's final companion script (Beryl, Constance), with fighting options and with "command rings" that will instantly warp the dog to the player and bring him out of combat mode. (Very useful if the dog get stuck at a stair, as dogs don't have any animation for climbing stairs. Also very useful if the dog remains in fighting mode after a combat and therefore refuses to follow you). If you are separated from your dog, you can use the ring to recall it to you, provided that you are in an exterior cell. Once you have boght a dog, its command ring will be automatically added to your inventory if it isn't there (i.e. you can never lose it).

I want to give my special thanks to CdCooley and Peter, who have helped me to optimize my layman creature-versions of Grumpy's scripts!

The dogs know a few tricks, and if you give them rat-meat, you can make them bow, sit, heel, lay down or howl.

The dogs can be ordered to stay outside each time you enter an interior.

If you should still happen to lose track of your dog companion, just go the dog seller in Ald'ruhn or go to Seyda Neen and talk to Eldafire (she's walking around in the center area). They will know where you can find him.

Extended interaction with other npcs. All children in Morrowind, as well as certain other npcs (above all the MW_family, Constance, Laura, Lokken companions, Lost Heir companions, Witchgirl companions) will notice the and comment on them when they are in following mode.

No companion sharing (where would they put things??).

If you levitate, the dog will be there when you get back.

They swim... Sort of. There isn't any animation for swimming included, so they "walk" when underwater. :/


Simple commands in dialog.
You can heal the dogs with healing potions if you have them in the inventory.

They level (sort of). Their attributes will be set to match your level on initial meeting. After that a check will be made every time you sleep to adjust stats. This happens automatically. No message boxes.

Health % can be determined via dialog.


You are welcome to discuss and ask questions about my mods in my forum.


Download Dog companions v 2.0
from TES.Nexus

Download Dog companions v 2.0
from Great House Fliggerty

Download Dog companions v 2.0
from Emma's Elder Scrolls Site

Download Dog companions v 2.0
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