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Thank you, Edwardsmd, for giving me permission to keep these little treasures on this site!

Morrowind Mod Makers manual
new version 2.0  by Edwardsmd
This new manual by Edwardsmd will help you to understand every feature possible within the Construction set.
A definite must-have for all modders!
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Daedric Sorcery
by Edwardsmd

Morrowind only required


This mod centers around a group trying to rediscover how to summon the lords of oblivion. You can join in the search to discover how. Be aware, each has their own agenda, and want to be the last one standing at the end. Different quest paths built in, so can be played several times for a slightly different result. File includes the esp, a readme, and a walkthrough.

I always thought it would be cool if you could summon the daedric princes like Elric did in the series by Michael Moorcock. So I did just that, and threw in a short series of quests and some NPCS just to make it fun. Hope you enjoy it. This is the updated file, now compatible by request with Vampire Embrace v2.2. Hope you enjoy the mod!

This mod has been cleaned with TESTool and TESAME. I used the Enchanted Editor for some editing work. I did a spell check of the dialog, but lord knows how well that works late at night pinging on caffeine.

I had wanted so badly to include so many great objects and ideas created by the vast number of great modders out there. But I stuck to my vision of a stand alone mod requiring only Morrowind to play. But I give free reign to the community to do with this mod as it wills. I'm not worried if you don't credit me, but at least credit those below. They helped make this mod.


Thanks to...
Bethesda, because they made Morrowind. Duh.
Every modder out there, each and every one has inspired me in some way.
Martini60 and BigChief: You patiently and kindly answered questions about scripting when I was a noob.
Canadian Ice (and HD!): The MQB showed me that modding is more than making a big sword and armor.
Emma: For her companion mods. Picking apart the great dialog she did helped me learn how dialog works. Plus she offered good advice I didn't know I needed.
Blith and Dale: For creating Gamer's Roam and putting up with me, and my continual absence while working on this mod. The Roam will be missed.
Peter: For the Vampire Embrace compatibility suggestion, and problem with Mephala's dialog.
Cow_Guru: For pointing out incorrectly given armor award for a quest completion.
Cortex: For creating such a great mod as Vampire Embrace, and going the extra mile to ensure compatiblity with other mods. Kudos Cortex!
Michael Moorcock: For writing the great Elric stories!
The Morrowind Community in general: Some really inspirational and great people out there!
The Beta Testers: These people all offered or agreed to play test; Dvd, Jack_Devil, Laea, gravity13, palinurus, Glorfindel1187, Emma, and LordThyMaster.


Download Daedric Sorcery
Planet Elder Scrolls

Download Daedric Sorcery
from Emma's Elder Scrolls Site

Download Daedric Sorcery
from Elric Melnibone