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Oblivion Male Body ver 4.0

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By Robert

Again here's a probably final version of my male body mesh replaces the V3 version.
The shape in general didn't change much but there's quite some difference in detail. Partly it's more detailed - mesh is now about 12K faces, anatomy is more correct and the shadowing is mostly satisfying now. Rigging is adjusted with animations loaded, the one of the arms is basically reworked.
Maps are only slightly upgraded - still wasn't in the mood for texturing stuff.

It contains the three main body types: muscular, average and slender. The others will come as expansion.
All shoe and pants models with ankle/foot connection visible now have the body parts replaced (of the basic game, don't have the expansions). One more pants version is contained, 4 and 5 is muscular only. The maps of 1 and 3/4 are recolored versions the same texture and can be switched.

Optional there's the Orc head and the human one with the color settings of the body mesh. Doesn't make sense to have three different settings there like Bethesda did it, because this way head and body don't match. And the settings of the Ork head made it look like plastic.

Additionally there's the two basic idles somewhat adjusted to make charakters look less ape like - only moderately to keep smooth transition to the other animations.

Additional nude picture can be seen here. Warning nude content!



Download Robert's Oblivion Male Body ver 4.0


Robertís Teenager Outfits

This package with teenage outfits is mostly based on the work by the Better Clothes team, with the clothing models reworked by Robert to fit the teenage bodies.

The package also includes Robertís shoes and sandals for teenagers, as well as some unique clothing items.
The outfits are for sale at the Suran Clothier.

Please note: If you are using the Children of Morrowind main mod, you donít have to use this mod, as all the outfits are already included in the main mod, and for sale at the Caldera Clothier.

Download Robert's Teenager Outfits
from Emma's Elder Scrolls Site


Children Of Morrowind


Project leader, CS-work: Emma
New bodies and head models: Robert

This mod adds approx. 330 talking, playing, interacting children of various ages and of all races to exterior and interior locations in Morrowind, Mournhold and Solstheim. In ver 2, all the non-beast children have new body models made by Robert. The beast-races have bodyparts from LizTailís New Beast Bodies-mod. Children of Morrowind also adds babies-in-papooses and pregnant women, as well as new models for playgrounds and swingsets.  

Robert's new body meshes

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Roberts's Head pack


Robert's Head pack for Morrowind
- modders resource

Here's a collection of my heads together with sample maps as separate pack to make them easier available. while it's no problem to extract the BSA files using BSA Browser, the growing directory size in the plugins makes them a bit difficult to locate meanwhile. It's the same heads contained in the replacers - with modified names to avoid overwiting issues, only Redguard 1 is an updated version and Redguard 2 is a new less african version.

The stuff started with the attempt to make a head for the Orc kids of Emma's Children of Morrowind plugin who had to live with the heads of their grandmas. Side result was a head for Redguards, since the second head I modified into an Orc was a BH Redguard one, and when finished I turned it back to Redguard.
Then I decided to cover the other races too - preferably for males the used female heads (the range of the male heads generally is too narrow to be used there) tend to give a somewhat female expression. Intention was to make heads in between the existing adult male/female ones, less gender specific. In the beginning they were made to be usable for both genders (Orks and Redguards). Then I splitted it into different versions for the genders. Nevertheless the heads can be used for the other gender too, just like they can be used for adults. While every head has it's special focus, there's a more or less wide range where it can be used. Female WElfs aren't contained, because this part is sufficiently covered by Rhedds heads, and for the same reason Bretons/Imperials/Nords got only one average female head.

The color of the maps is adjusted to the color of the original female body meshes of Morrowind used in the kids plugin. To use them elsewhere may require to adjust color and brightness. But the main intention was to provide the heads anyway, the maps are more examples how to texure them. This shouldn't be difficult since the frontal part of the face mapping isn't distorted (except of the noses of the Orks and the first Redguard head somewhat broadened). Means as long as the location of eyes/nose/mouth is the same applying different faces isn't a problem.
Maps are standardized (except of the difference between elvish and human eyes, only the WElf head is somewhat more different), this allows easy blending of faces.

All heads have glow maps enabled, whether this may be useful or not for the respective race - it increases the options and can be easily disabled by linking a black map. The included glow map only matches Orcs, DElfs and Humans. Orks, Redguards and DElfs have the glow map linked, the others are linked to the black map.

The pack contains:

three heads for Orcs - the third one is just the original version of the Redguard head with orkish teeth
two heads for Redguards one male and one female head for DElfs
one male and one female head for HElfs one male head for WElfs
one female head for humans one male head for Bretons
one male head for Nords one male head for Imperials
and the linked face and glow maps

It's a modder resource, to have the heads available in game they have to be added with the Construction Set.

Credits & Usage
The heads were started from existing heads, either from Better Heads or ones of Nomad, reference is included in the file name. Most of them are quite a bit off from their origin, so they're rather new heads now - except of the WElf one, where the origin of Rhedds female WElf head 3 is obvious.
The maps have the faces of other headpacks blended in in varying intensity. I've used the Better Heads faces, Emmas Children of Morrowind, UQFs face packs, Quarls faces, the faces of DonSalus, Nomads faces and the HighElf study of Rhedd.

Special thanks go to Rhedd for his great heads

My meshes and textures can be used freely without any conditions, only if it's modyfied the file names should be changed to avoid overwriting issues.

- Robert


Download Robert's Headpack
from Emma's Elder Scrolls Site

Download Robert's Headpack