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Thank you, Vorwoda, for giving me permission to keep these little treasures on this site!

The Unofficial History of Companions Part 1
by Vorwoda the Black

Shock Centurion Companion 1.2
by Vorwoda the Black

This mod adds:

1) 4 Upgrades to the original Bethesda Shock Centurion Companion (a vanilla Morrowind reward for a House Telvanni quest),
2) a new quest for the PC to work with the Centurion's creator in performing these upgrades,
3) a new book entitled "The Shock Centurion Manual",
4) a remote control unit cannibalized from a Dwemer Puzzle Box,
5) a small (but necessary) change to the cell "Gnisis, Arvs-Drelen" (although you will never see this in game, it was necessary to get a certain script to work),
6) extensive new dialogue for Baladas Demnevanni in the new Topic "Shock Centurion".


It DOES NOT rely on any other mods. 
It SHOULD NOT conflict with any other mods, UNLESS they alter the interior of "Gnisis, Arvs-Drelen". 
It has been thoroughly cleaned in TESAME and is free of evil GMSTs.


The very first Companion for Morrowind came not from a mod, but from Bethesda itself. Included in a certain Great House Telvanni quest was the reward of a Shock Centurion - a Dwemer Animunculus which would follow the PC and fight for him or her until destroyed. With the advent of Companion mods, advancements by people like Ulfgeir, Grumpy, Emma, The_Other_Felix, Baratheon79, Neko and myself have left this amazing pioneer far behind in terms of following ability and usefulness. New features introduced in the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions gave scripters the power to efficiently produce effects which were awkward (or impossible) before. Things like "warping scripts" and "Companion Share" did not exist at that time, and so our little golden friend became obsolete.

Until now.

This mod differs from other Companion mods in that you will have a hand in creating the Companion in-game. ("Mom always said I should make new friends." - Will Robinson, while working on the robot in Lost in Space).

This mod may be safely added either before or after you have obtained your Shock Centurion. Once this mod is added, speak to your Centurion twice. The first time, it will initialize the new abilities of the base unit. The second time, you will see new dialogue options, enabling you to control the Centurion. You will be able to command it to:

1) Activate or Deactivate its light (effect is continual and is unaffected by water),
2) Follow,
3) Guard (stand still), and
4) Patrol (wander nearby).

The Centurion also now has Companion Share, with a carrying capacity of 375. It is immune to Shock and disease, and I discovered that it is naturally immune to drowning (which makes sense) even without Water Breathing. And if it gets destroyed, you can repair it with the correct tools and materials. It also has a warp script, (courtesy of Grumpy) which in turn uses "warp behind" functions which I originally wrote for him for GYO. See, cast your bread upon the waters, etc. Thanks, Grumpy!)

Eventually, after you have upgraded it during the new quest series, you will be able to command it to:

5) Repair (itself) - if it has the right materials,
6) Teleport to 4 different locations useful to a Telvanni PC.

It will also gain the abilities of Levitation and Water Walking, after a certain point in the upgrade sequence (both engaged automatically when the PC does so). Its power regeneration will improve somewhat, as well. And a remote control device can be gained, too. 

There are a couple of surprises and traps along the way set to catch the unwary, but since you're one of the good people who read READMEs (and probably in-game books), you're unlikely to get burned.


Download Shock Centurion Companion 1.2
from Emma's Elder Scrolls Site

German version available here



Companions Hippolyta and Decius
By Vorwoda the Black

Hippolyta and Decius are companion NPC’s for the player. They were designed to provide companions whose equipment can be upgraded on the fly, through dialogue, without 
1) cheating, 
2) using the TESCS, or 
3) Tribunal/Bloodmoon’s Share function. 
Yes, that's right, Morrowind-only-users now have a way to give their companions armor and weapons IN GAME!


(Hippolyta was created first. All info in the readme was written for her, but applies equally to all three ESPs, substituting Her/His/Their, She/He/They, and Her/Him/Them as appropriate).

1. Hippolyta.esp My original companion NPC, contains a romance for male characters.
2. Decius.esp Hippolyta's younger brother, contains a romance for female characters.
3. HippolytaAndDecius.esp Both companions in a compatible form. 
The romance quests are active as above. Included to demonstrate how a mod with multiple companions can function with this system.

This mod adds:

1) Dialogue and scripting to create a workaround to straight Morrowind's lack of a share function.
2) Imperial companion(s) to Seyda Neen,
3) a suit of Imperial armor and a Silver Longsword to the Remote Shipwreck Upper Deck,
4) One ring and one potion (Imperial Cognac) to Ebonheart, Imperial Chapels (disabled by default, they only come into play if you marry Hippolyta or Decius).  One additional ring that will also come into play at that time, but is not placed in advance (added through dialogue).


Download Companions Hippolyta and Decius
from Emma's Elder Scrolls Site