A few useful links, scripts, mods and ideas 
for modders, players and companion users

CdCooley's Improved Teleportation
This mod will make all companions follow you when you use teleport spells.
New: Two versions - play with or without MWSE.
Download from TES Nexus. 
DinkumThinkum's PotionSaver code
If you've played with companions in your game, you may have noticed that any Restore Health
potions in their inventory get used up very quickly.
This is caused by a bug in the game's AI. This PotionSaver release fixes the problem.
Modder info                              Player Info

DinkumThinkum's Unarmored Corrector V01
For players
A workaround for the Unarmored bug:
The Unarmored Corrector automatically equips an invisible helm when the PC is not wearing any armor. 
Having the invisible helm equipped makes the character's Unarmored skill work correctly.

DinkumThinkum's Teleport disable/
trap and banishment script ideas

From TheLys Forum

Neko's Morrowind Mods
Here you can download Neko's Amazing Dialogue Generator
Robert's headpack
- rescource pack with head models used for teenagers in Children of Morrowind.
May be used as a modders' resource without further permissions,
with appropriate credits according to the enclosed readme.
Emma's Face packs and Facereplacers
May be used as modders' resource without further permission (appropriate credits would be appreciated). 
Grumpy's Companion Project
version 1.3 or version 3.1
A companion "template" that can be used as is, or to build your own
Grumpy's explanation of companion-scripting
From Rethan-Manor forum