Blades Quest: Prophecy of the Lost Heir

Tribunal is required

Author: Emma

Movement script: TheOtherFelix, based on the original movement script by Grumpy.

During a fearful storm 15 years ago, a ship was wrecked off the coast of Khuul. Among the victims were Iliam Dren - the rejected firstborn child of the previous Duke Dren - and his wife and children. However, one of the bodies was never found: the mortal remains of Iliam's oldest son Artruhn are still missing.

Now, the ageing emperor Uriel Septim is worried about the violent Morrowind atmosphere and is concerned for the future for the Vvardenfell people. One night, he has a very strange dream. In his dream, Mara, the Goddess of Love, whispers to him, telling him that Artruhn might still be alive, and that he might have the powers to govern Vvardenfell and bring peace to the area. She also tells him that help from the Nerevarine is necessary if the search for Artruhn is to be successful.

The emperor has therefore now sent Caius Cosades' superior, the Blades' Very Special Agent Janicia Laboremus, to Balmora, with strict orders to persuade the Nerevarine to join her in her search for Artruhn. It's a battle against time - the rumours about the emperor's dream is all over the empire, and the corrupt relatives of the present Duke Dren have no wish for a new, righteous, government of the island...

You'll find Janicia Laboremus in Caius Cosades' Balmora house. As a skilled agent, she will of course never get stuck or disappear when = travelling across Vvardenfell. All available companions in this mod use an enhanced version of the warping script that makes companions an asset instead of a burden.


Only as Nerevarine, you will be able to accompany Janicia and be introduced to the agents at the Blades' secret hideout. As Nerevarine, this mod should give you approx. 8-12 hours playtime, six new optional companions, all with their own distinctive personalities and stories, a number of sidequests and some new allies.


I know many players dislike mods that determine the future of Morrowind and/or messes with the TES lore. Therefore, this mod has been created with TWO OPTIONAL ENDINGS, and in the end it's up to you to decide the outcome of the story. I have also carefully avoided using original Morrowind npc's in this mission; some of them might have information to give you, but the main characters are all imported into Morrowind by me.


At the Secret Hideout of the Blades, you will meet a number of agents that you can use as optional companions. Many of them will also have side quests for you. (Janicia is the only one that you actually have to bring with you in order to complete the main quest).

You will be able to develope your relationship with the agents as time passes by. This is mostly triggered by weather conditions, so in order to make things happen, you'll have to bring the agents along with you. You can keep the companions forever and ever if you want to. The story will end, but they will still be there for you.

If you use the topic "about my skills" and decide to tell the agent what you have learnt lately, every agent will adapt their skills so that they will fit the level of your PCcharacter. All of them will do that in different ways - some are significally weaker than your character, others are more equal to you. All of them also have their personal "peak skill/s", which will not be altered by any level script. The acrobatics skills for the companions are really high, and have been set like this in order to further improve their following abilities. All of the companions also have a new kind of Marksman AI, and will automatically switch from marksman weapon to melee weapon if under melee attack.


Although Janicia will give you valuable suggestions, it is up to you to fulfil this quest. If you don't know what to do, you can often ask Janicia if she has "any suggestions". She will then give you a clue, but her disposition towards you will drop significantly, as she indeed believed you to be smart enough to find things out without her help.

You are welcome to discuss and ask questions about my mods in my forum.

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Blades Quest:Prophecy of the Lost Heir - French version available here