Laura Craft Romance and Adventure v 2.2


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Tribunal is required

Story: EMMA
Companionscripting: THE OTHER FELIX

Do you want some romance in your Morrowind life? Can you stand the thought of a Morrowind girlfriend who sometimes acts and talks like a real life girl? A girl who will get mad at you if you try to bribe her, but will enjoy a pleasant gift or sharing a bottle of Mazte at a nice tavern? A companion who also has her own problems - and an important mission to take care of?
If the answer is yes, this mod might be what you are looking for. It adds a story-line and 17 quests, some of them very simple "lover's quests", some of them very rewarding, while others might be dangerous and time consuming. As time passes, you will be able to develope your relationship with Laura, for better or for worse. 
If you keep on playing as usual, the quests will probably not interfere very much with your ordinary gameplay. Laura will basically respond like other companions, but now and then, when you least expect it, she will bring up new subjects and new missions. This will only happen at certain places and during certain conditions, so there might be hours of gameplaying between each quest.
Like in the (very) old Girlfriend Breton plugin, Laura Craft will still be your old time girlfriend, and you will find her outside her little cottage, just to the left of the bridge to Vivec Foreign Quarters. However, she will have a very much extended background story to tell you, and, unless your personality is very high, she will be reluctant concerning her feelings towards you. You will probably need to do some dating or maybe fulfil some of her quests in order to convince her that you are "worthy" her devotion. 

You are welcome to discuss and ask questions about my mods in my forum.


The story-line is the same as previously. I am hoping to soon continue the story-line, but there are other modding projects I need to complete first. However, other things have changed

Ver 2.2:

added new animations by RX31. Laura can now "kiss", she can go to sleep, and she has adapted a new dancing style. If you have played Qarl's excellent "The Underground", you are already familiar with the new animations, as they are also used there. This version is however adapted for Laura by The Other Felix. Apart from this, only minor updates.


NEWS in Ver 2.1:

A major update, mostly thanks to The Other Felix' scripting efforts:

a) FOUR LOOKS - this mod includes four esp-files with four different heads and hair-styles for Laura. 
b) EXTENSIVE RECALL-FUNCTION. Travelling with Laura is now extremely easy, as you can at any time recall her to any exterior location, and several interiors (in Mournhhold) as well. If you are standing on a small island in the Sheogorad archipelag and suddenly want Laura's company, just contact her telepathically, and she will turn up right beside you. If you are already travelling together with her, she will follow you to your "Mark" whenever you cast recall - she does NOT have to cast a "Mark" in order to do so. (PLEASE NOTE: The recall options will ONLY be available once you have completed the first three of her quests, and received the "Lover's Teleportring" as a gift from her. If you have upgraded from a previous version and already have the ring, it should immediately start functioning for recall casting - just make sure that Laura has a recall item, like an amulet or a scroll.) 
On top of the recall function, Laura will, as in previous version, follow you when you cast intervention spells and when you travel to propylon chambers. You will also be able to decide on several "meeting points" with her, as well as use the "Lover's teleport ring" to teleport the two of you to 18 different pre-made locations. 
You must just be aware of one thing - Laura is a warrior, not a mage. Her magic skills are initially not that good. Therefore, you must make sure that she has intervention/recall amulets/scrolls/rings - or you must train her in mysticism.
c) SEAMLESS ATTRIBUTE LEVELLING. Up to now, it has been possible to level Laura's skills, but her attributes have been fixed. From this version, Laura's attributes will be levelled to match those of your PC-Character. But, she will always be a warrior, not a clone of your PC-Character. Which means that if you play as a level 14 mage, her strength, personality, intelligence, magicka, health etc will not be the same as yours, but the same as other npc-warriors at level 14. 
d) FURTHER DEVELOPED SKILLS LEVELLING SYSTEM - NOW WITH LEVELLED SPELLS. Thanks to The other Felix, Laura is since ver 2.0 the first companion that will raise her skills in the same way as the player - BY PRACTICING HER SKILLS! Give her a longblade and a medium armor, and she will improve these skills each time she participates in combat. Give her a light armor and tell her to use her spells, and she will improve her spell casting and light armor skills. And so on. Her mysticism skills will improve each time she successfully cast an intervention spell.
This feature was there already in ver 2.0. But, from ver 2.1, Laura will also level her restoration skill when healing herself, and as her restoration skill improves, she will be able to heal you and cure you from various diseases.
All of her spells are now levelled - as her spellcasting abilities get better, she will learn new, more powerful spells and start to use them. 
As for her combat and armor skills, you can also develope them in a friendly combat between the two of you.
As a complement to the level-by-practicing-system you can also develope her skills by BUYING STUDY BOOKS, just like in the previous versions. 
e) AUTOMATIC LEVITATION/WATERWALKING AS AN OPTION. As many other companion mods use automatic levitation/waterwalking (companion will levitate/waterwalk whenever you do so), this feature has also been added to Laura. However, in order to keep some of her more "advanced" combat options (such as having her attacking with bow from the air while you do the melee combat), the automatic levitation/waterwalking is OPTIONAL - you and Laura decide in dialog if she should use this feature or not.
f) HEALING AND RESTORING MAGICKA. If you gain something, it costs something... Up to now, Laura has been able to restore her health and her magicka without you having to do anything. But, from now on things have changed. Laura will still cast all spells that are related to companion following abilities for free (such as levitating, slowfalling, waterwalking), but other spells - including healing spells - will cost her magicka points. It's up to you to give her magicka potions, or to let her rest now and then in order to restore health and magicka. 
g) EXTENDED INTERACTION with npcs from other mods. Already in previous version, all other npcs were aware of Laura if she was in following mode and would comment on her. In this version, some of the npcs from my other mods will also interact in other ways. For instance, both Janicia from Lost Heir and Witchgirl Morgana will be able to heal Laura (although Morgana would of course prefere to dump her at first possible daedric ruin). I have also taken steps to make sure that Laura will be able to interact further with my other npcs once I update the other mods or upload new mods. So, be sure that once there are toddlers and teenagers in Morrowind, Laura will know about it. And if you start flirting with other npc ladies by me, be aware that she just might discover what you are up to. (Please note: interaction between mods is still an area that hasn't been used very much, and as long as Laura is the only mod prepared for such interaction, the options are still limited. But, it's a start that can lead to further enhancements in the long run. So, don't get too disappointed if the interaction at this point isn't what you would have wanted it to be). 


a) NEW LOOKS - this mod includes four esp-files with four different heads and hair-styles for Laura (see screenshots).
b) A BRAND-NEW LEVELLING SYSTEM!!! Thanks to The Other Felix' excellent scripting, Laura is the first companion that will raise her skills in the same way as the player - BY PRACTICING HER SKILLS! Give her a longblade and a medium armor, and she will improve these skills each time she participates in combat. Give her a light armor and tell her to use her spells, and she will improve her spell casting and light armor skills. As a complement you can also develope her skills by BUYING STUDY BOOKS, just like in the previous versions. If you add Laura to your game, her initial MAJOR skills will BE SET TO A LEVEL THAT MATCHES THE PLAYER's. If you are upgrading from ver 1.0-1.2.1, Laura will keep the skills she already had in your ongoing game. (Just make sure that your PCCharacter is in the same cell as her when upgrading, else this won't work!) A back-up script is keeping track of her skills, so that she will keep them even if you happen to run into the Bethesda original 72 hours bug (which causes npc's to "reset" if you are separated from them for more than 72 gamehours)
c) PRACTICE TOGETHER Laura will be delighted to practice her fighting skills together with you. You will not have to worry - she will end the combat before any of you get severely injured (and, as she is a girlfriend and not an ordinary standard companion, you might be able to guess who she preferes to be the "winner" of your combat sessions...) Please note: if you are using other companion mods together with this, make sure that the other companions aren't in following mode when you and Laura are practicing together; if she hits you, they will get VERY upset, and probably kill her...
d) EXTENDED COMBAT OPTIONS . Choose among the following: a) fight together b) fight together without spellcasting c) fight together - melee weapon only d) marksman only e) guard/distance bowman with cover-function (marksman/spellcasting/or melee) f) stay out of fight g) flee if severely injured.
e) SMARTER MARKSMAN AI - will automatically switch to melee-weapon if engaged in close combat (note: if you are using Giants or Blood&Gore, please read compatibility section in the README)
g) ALL NPC'S ARE AWARE OF LAURA - if Laura is in follow-mode, the npc's you meet will "notice" her and comment on her (topic: "a companion - Laura").
h) WILL ACCEPT ANY HOUSE AS HER NEW HOME - once you have completed the quests for Laura, she will be ever so happy to move in with you in your Morrowind house, and will refer to it as her new home.
i) "SHOPPING-OPTION" If you want to be on your own for a while, you can send Laura to Vivec to "do some shopping". If you give her money to spend, she will be as happy as a songbird, and might even buy a little gift for you
j) "FLATTER-OPTION". As you probably know, bribing her is pointless and expensive. Instead of buying her gifts or drinks, you can now also "flatter" her. The result is however random and you can never be sure how she will react.
k) NEW OUTFIT - in a new chest close to the bookshelf, you will find Laura's Goldleopard domina dress, that I have made especially for her. (Please note: if you are using Better bodies-mod, you will have some clipping issues, especially with the gloves)
l) TELEPATHY RING HAS NEW OPTIONS . A few new "meeting points" have been added to the telepathy ring.
m) IN-BUILT FIX FOR THE 72 HOURS BUG - but the player has to contact her every day (using the telepathy ring) in order to avoid the 72 hours bug.
n) EXTRA SPEED - you can choose between "normal" and "hurry up", which will make her run faster
o) JUMPS OUT OF THE COMPUTER AND MAKES COFFEE... - (WOOPS! not in this version... maybe in ver 3.0?? ;-) )


Download links:

Download Laura Craft Romance v 2.2

Download Laura Craft Romance v 2.2
from Emma's Elder Scrolls Site

Download Laura Craft Romance v 2.2
from Elric Melnibone 

Download Laura Craft Romance v 2.2
Great House Fliggerty 


Balanced Ebony Armor - by PETER
This mod changes Lauras Ebony armor to fit with the values for generic Ebony armor
in Taddeus Balanced Armors. Additionally it adds the female meshes of the generic
Ebony armor from Taddeus mod to Lauras armor.
Requires: Laura Craft Romance, Taddeus Balanced Armor ver 1.2, Tribunal and Bloodmoon

Laura Craft & Vampire Embrace Compatibility Patch - by PETER
A quick patch for people who want all features of Laura Craft while playing as a vampire.
Both mods are basically compatible out of the box, with one small exception: Lauras
telepathy ring. When used without this patch, the Vampire
Embrace greetings come before the telepathy ring greeting, so the ring won't work as
Solution is simple: Vampire Embrace greetings can be temporary disabled setting a global
variable. This patch does exactly this: When using the telepathy ring, that global variable
is set, so the following telepathy dialog will ignore
Vampire Embrace greetings. Once the dialog closes, the variable is reset again.
This mod only changes the telepathy ring script in the Laura mod. Nothing else.
Requires: Laura Craft Romance, Vampire Embrace by Cortex, Tribunal, Bloodmoon.