Grumpy's Mods

Available in two versions:

Morrowind version -
by Grumpy, september 2002

 Tribunal version -
House by Grumpy, september 2002
Staff by Emma, january 2006

The staff: Ingred, bodyguard, Beth, housekeeper, Meira, maid, Berna, cook. 
Screenshot by Dione_The_Breton

This is a re-release of Grumpy's house-mod DomeHome.
It is available in two versions - one Morrowind only version, which is the original version by Grumpy made in september 2002, without any changes or additions, and one Tribunal version, where I have added dialog and new heads to the staff in the house, as well as a typical "Grumpy-companion". I'll explain a bit further:
In autumn 2004, while we were working on Thief Companion Constance, Grumpy sent me Domehome. It was an older housemod of his, which had been available on Gamers' Roam. He wondered if I thought it was worth uploading again. I said yes - and then realized that he had set a trap and that I had fallen into it. "Right", he said, "you do something to spice up the staff in the house, and then we'll release it".
I never got around to doing so, as we were so busy working on Constance. Then his cancer turned to the worse.
On june 17, 2005 he passed away.
Shortly before he passed away, he sent me all his mods and WIPs. Domehome was among the mods, and he specifically told me that if I ever felt like doing something with those npcs and re-release the mod, it would be nice.
It still took until november before I did anything with DomeHome. Then, OldeCow69 had found the housemod among the files from Gamers Roam that were about to be uploaded at ElricM, and he wondered what to do with it. He liked it a lot, and thought it was well worth uploading.

Terrace - Screenshot by Dione_The_Breton

I made up my mind and have now done what Grumpy wanted - I have added dialog to the people in the house, I have given at least three of them Grumpy's favorite heads (of the heads I have made) and I have also made one of them - Ingred - a 'typical Grumpy'companion'. I.e. it's a lady, she has the guard-class and DinkumThinkum's potion handler, she is a 'shield-maiden' and not a girlfriend, and she has approx. Beryl's script. She is leveling up according to the system Grumpy always prefered, with her skills set to match a warrior of the player's level but with her attributes matching the PCattributes. 
But she has 'Emma-dialog' - i.e. she talks quite a lot more than Beryl, and have special greetings (based on random 100) for many places and situations.
She also recognize if you have other of our companions (like Spot, Laura, Constance, Lokken-people) in tow and will sometimes comment on that.
She does not have any automatic recall script like Constance or Beryl/Hurd. The reason is simple: since the previous companions were released, CdCooley has made a non-MWSE version of his IT-mod, called "Companion Teleportation", available here: This mod will recall ANY companion, making separate recall-scripts for each companion redundant. Why use one script for each companion to do the same thing as you can do with one little mod?!
For convenience, I have still added teleport rings to the mod, so that you can call the npcs to you 'manually'.

Dining hall -
Screenshot by Dione_The_Breton

The DomeHome staff
Beth - your dunmer housekeeper. She will sometimes demand money from you for the housekeeping, so be prepared. She also tells you more about the staff, and she sell simple potions to you.
Berna - is the cook and offers 'a snack'. She likes booze, so you'd better watch out...
Meira - is a former ballet dancer, and will love to dance for you. She is a bit vain, though, and likes compliments... She is also a good armorer and will repair your outfits.
Ingred - used to be the bodyguard of the former owner of the house. Now she is happy if you let her be your companion.

The Kitchen - Screenshot by Dione_The_Breton

All of them should be able to recognize and sometimes comment on other of our companions.
Also, other companions - Laura, Lokken-people, Constance, MW-family, Witchgirl people, Lost Heir people - should have unique greetings that they will only give in this house, but also then only randomly.
If you are a successful Morrowind adventurer, sooner or later you might consider moving to a place with more luxury than DomeHome (like a pleasant little castle or so...). Then, you can take your staff with you! There is a special ring that will take them to any EXTERIOR location you prefere (i.e. just outside your new home/castle/whatever).

- Emma

Shopping tour with the staff. Ingred - to the right - is your new companion.

I'll let Grumpy explain more about the house with his own words from the old readme:
Yet another house mod.
If you used the default install location for morrowind (c:\program files\bethesda softworks\morrowind), then extract to the root directory (c:\).  After extraction there should be one new texture file (tx_dwrv_capacitor01.tga) in the morrowind\data file\textures directory, one new nif (light_dwrv_neon01.nif) in the morrowind\data files\meshes\l directory (that's L and not 1), and the domehome.esp file in the morrowind\data files directory.... Hopefully.
If you put your morrowoind files anyplace else you'll have to place these three files manually.

Meira repairs your armor and will dance for you. Screenshot by Dione_The_Breton

The original mod was at "the other place".  I revamped this one a little.  Really didn't like the pi$$-green lights, so I did a simple re-coloring of the original texture.  Like to call it "early american office" now.  Fixed a missing shelf in the servants room and added a footpath from "up high" to the bitter coast region.  This mod won't make any permanent changes to your existing game files.  Just delete the three files and "l" directory to get rid of it.
Again, for the purists- The lift (just a couple of teleport doors) was there cause I got tired of running up the stairs everytime I wanted to check the mod.
No strings attached.  Entrance is at the top of the stairs to the left of "Clagius Clanler's" place in Balmora.  This shouldn't conflict with other mods unless they use the same locations.  Anybody wants to use this in their own mod, feel free (credit please).

Not sure how this will run on low-end systems.
- Grumpy

Entrance - Screenshot by Dione_The_Breton

Download links (both versions included):

Download Domehome
from Elric Melnibone

Download Domehome
from Great House Fliggerty

Download Domehome
from Emma's Elder Scrolls Site

Download Domehome

Conflicts and fixes

DomeHome will conflict with Balmora Expansion, and probably it also conflicts with other house mods. In fact, this house was made before most other house mods, so it would be fair to say that other houses conflict with DomeHome rather than the other way around!!

NEW - Compatibility fix with Asgard and Balmora Expansion
Balmora Expanded - compatibility esp for Balmora Expansion and Tribunal version of Domehome made by Man In Zero G 

Download Domehome-BE_alt.rar


Asgard - compatibility patch for Domehome and Asgard by TextureFreak 


Please note! If you want to use Asgard, Domehome and Balmora Expanded together, you'll also need the compatibility patch for Asgard and Balmora Expanded.

Download link to Asgard-BE patch