Tools to make modding, gaming and computing a bit easier

BSA Browser - by Argent 
This utility allows you to browse, search, pack, unpack, and register 
Bethesda Softworks Archive (bsa) files with a user friendly interface

TESDTK The Elder Scrolls Dependency Tool Kit - by Argent
 TESDTK allows manipulation of Parent Master dependencies so that Morrowind only mods 
can be made with all official master files loaded to prevent GMST contamination

Wrye Mash
Manage Mod Files and save Games. Reduce/Eliminate Doubling and several more features
TESFiles - by MentalElf
A tool for packaging all files in a Morrowind Mod, or uninstalling a Morrowind Mod

TESRESPEC - by MentalElf 
Use someone else's stuff in your mod? Want to make it unique to your mod?
You should if you include it in your install!
Got a bunch of textures in the "Textures" directory swamp?
Want them in a subdirectory with the corresponding NIFsupdated to use them?
This rename enmasse tool also updates NIF texture
references and ESM/ESP files with the name changes

Neko's Amazing Dialogue Generator
A nice little command-line tool to help with generating large amounts of repetitive dialogue.
And some other useful little things that you can't do easily in the Construction Set.

NVIDIA Texture Tools
DDS-plug-in for Adobe Photoshop
DDS Thumbnail viewer
3ds max DDS-plug-in

Free Photoshop-compatible Plug-ins
More plug-ins for Photoshop

Free Texture Sites & Image Programs
Phoebes Website for free textures

Free plug-ins for 3ds max
TES- Exporter, NIF- Importer and many more

Free picture viewer program

VDM sound
Makes your old DOS-games run smoothly in Windows 2000 and XP

Avast! Anti-Virus
Free Anti-Virus software

Stops hackers from getting into your PC - Free Firewall

Extraction and decompression software
Links to download sites for the most common decompression software