Correspondence between 
Grandpa le Hex and Imperial Tom

With TommyKhajiit as Imperial Tom and Emma as Grandpa Le Hex

November 27th

Dear Mr. Imperial Tom,

According to some rumours I have heard at the Bethesda forums, you might be heading for some BAD problems in the very close future, connected to your helpful two-handed assistance when guiding - or pushing - a certain, hrm..., lady, or, rather, this certain... hrm... lady's ..hrm... udders, through the door to Arrill's Tradehouse in Seyda Neen.
I of course fully understand that this ... hrm... pushing... was merely a helpful gesture, and that your intention was to buy the... hrm... lady some more suitable clothes.
However, I have got a feeling that my dear granddaughter Morgana, at the moment on a shopping tour in Vivec, might not fully consider your actions as pure helpfulness, and that your next meeting with her just MIGHT turn out to be rather, shall we say, painful.
Now, as I, in spite of my appearance, indeed am a man of honor, I fully take all the responsibility for teaching her how to cast that "curse health"-spell that she, against my advice, tends to use whenever upset. Therefore, I want to offer my assistance. Behind the Ald'ruhn temple, I have placed a crate with some items that I believe would be exactly what you need to avoid any hostile reactions from Morgana. Yes, I know, she normally doesn't appreciate armor, and she has always been very scornful towards the idea of wearing whigs, but thanks to a special agreement with CanadianIce, this container now includes some items from Metal Queen Boutique, re-worked by Emma, that Morgana couldn't possibly resist.
In order to use the outfits, you will of course have to have Metal Queen Boutique installed on your computer.

Kind regards,
your "airy" friend
Grandpa le Hex.

P S I'm not sure that you will be able to make that-other-hrm-lady wear the outfits

November 27th

Dear grandpa,

How very thoughtful of you!

As soon as I'm back in Ald'ruhn I'll most certainly will collect those items to please your granddaughter, who's still the apple of my eye. I do hope they look a little more attractive than a mere "greyish robe covering the whole lady in exactly the same style as the hat" for somehow I don't believe that Morgana would be very happy having to wear something like that.

I'm very pleased that you correctly understood my motives when I offered the other lady a hand, or even two if necessary. I've noticed that not everyone can or will see that's it as innocent as can be. I hear people laughing when I pass by, and women are looking funny at me. Even Morgana, my own Morgana, is acting a bit peculiar. She even keeps on asking me about some other girl I've spent some time with, long before Morgana and I met. It's about time she and I leave Seyda Neen, we've been here long enough. Expect seeing us in a few days.

With regards,


Ps. Of course I have that MQB installed on my rig, I know how to please the ladies, eh Morgana.

November 30th

Dear Mr. Imperial Tom,

Being a man of honor, myself, I of course fully understand your unselfish intentions when helping this young lady out. Actually, I wouldn't have mind doing the same thing, myself, but alas my present bodily condition keeps me from all kind of pushing and squeezing enjoyments, including helping curving ladies.

I am pleased to hear that my granddaughter still is the apple of your eye. She is really a very sweet girl, you know, and unselfish, as well. In fact, I believe I have severely misjudged her feeling towards the young lady in Seyda Neen. She is not hostile at all. On the contrary, she has ordered a very nice grey yarn from a Vivec shop, and she has told me that she is planning to knit a robe for the young lady that she claims will suit her perfectly. Now, isn't that a gesture of ultimate kindness!

As for this other girl you mention, I suspect that Morgana might be just a slightly bit jealous (not that I'm suggesting that she should have any reasons for that, of course). You see, she recently heard a rumour that this girl might show up again within a couple of months. In fact, the girl was last seen outside Grumpy's warping school, where a couple of dedicated modders have spent the last week on a mutual effort to push her away from the fence and help her to find the route through the gate to the school area. Last thing I heard was that one of them had gone to Dagon Fel, in order to buy spectacles for the girl, hoping that this might help her to eventually make it into the school house.

I don't think that Morgana was serious about her suggestion of summoning 347 storm atronachs and make them attack the school building. After all, Grumpy is an old friend of hers, and she was one of his very first warping-students, so I don't think she would ever do anything worse to him than maybe firing off a couple of lightning bolts in the class room.

Grandpa le Hex,
former mage

P S A completely unrelated question: how come that ThommyKhajit has a female cat in his avatar?

December 1th

Dear Grandpa,

Sometimes I almost forget what remarkable powers you possess! Only you would know that that cat in TommyKhajiit's avatar is female. Of course there is a perfectly logical explanation for this, I'm told that, besides a wife and three children, TommyKhajiit only has two female cats living in his house, so the lazy chap just took one of his already made pictures and made it his avatar.

I'm writing this in a kind of despair, for I don't know what to do next. See I left Morgana this morning after receiving your letter to look for this Ariela girl. I understood that the poor girl is in desperate need for help, being left alone with all those pushy modders trying to make her jump through burning hoops. The mere thought of it made me rush off to Dagon Fel to see if I could catch this guy when he was looking for spectacles. But alas, I hoped he'd payed a visit to Ice's and Erica's store, but neither of them had seen anyone asking for spectacles.

I'm not sure whether Morgana is taking this well. For the last few days she has been knitting full-time, muttering words like: "that'll suit her". Perhaps she didn't hear me when I explained that I had to go, the only reaction I noticed was that the needles went faster and made more noise. And I believed Morgana said something like "not having to come back", but I'm not sure I heared that well. Perhaps she'll cheer up when I'll return with her little friend. We could live all three of us together, that would be great!

But I have to find this Grumpy's School first, and I haven't got a clue where to go next. Therefore I lay my faith in your hands dear grandpa, please lead me to this perverted school to rescue my Ariela.

Your servant in despair,

Dagon Fel, The End of the World

Ps. hereby I send you two paintings some amateur made. They're not very good, but you may like them nevertheless. Their titles are "Morgana and I in a hurry" and "Morgana dancing".

December 9th

Dear Tom,

Thank you for the beautiful paintings. I'm sure they will fit in very well in my basement room, together with the skulls and the spider web.

I am sorry that it has taken me a while to write to you. After reading your letter, I tried to seriously talk to my granddaughter concerning her behaviour. It was hard, as she just kept on knitting. But, when I mentioned that poor girl at Grumpy's academy, she actually stopped, stared at me - and then she throw a "curse health" spell at me. This, I tell you, can be quite fatal for someone with my fragile constitution, so I have had to spend a few days in my coff... erh, bed.

Now, I honestly don't think you should "save" the girl from Grumpy's academy - as far as I have heard, she is in urgent need of this education. And, the modders are actually devoted friends of hers, and I believe their intentions are the very best. Besides, if you are thinking of her living together with you and Morgana, I feel that she will need that education more than ever. Else, you would probably have every reason to fear the worst each time Morgana claims that "she and Ariela are going to pick some flowers", because Morgana just might leave the poor girl behind, desperately trying to walk through a rock or boulder.

I'm afraid that I cannot help you out concerning the location of Grumpy's academy. I tried to go an look for it, myself, but it's a bit awkward for someone in my position; as soon as there is any wind at all, I tend to, well, sort of blow away. That is one of the reasons why I nowadays mostly stays in Morgana's basement room.

Anyway, if you indeed are planning for this "ménage a trois", you will probably need every help I can offer, and to start with, I want to tell you about a recently started Vvardenfell Travel Agency - VTA - that can take you as well as your companions from any place to 28 different locations in Morrowind, Mournhold and Solstheim. I have enclosed further information about the company. I am afraid, though, that they have no stop at Grumpy's Academy.

Normally, I would have suggested that you used VTA travelling to bring both of your, hrm..., girlfriends, on a holiday tour to the Ascadian archipelag. But in this specific situation, I'd rather suggest that you bring only Ariela to the archipelag, and Morgana to the Sohlstheim area, where she can chill off for a while.

Grandpa le Hex,
former mage

December 10th

Dear Grandpa,

Oh you can be such a tease! Suggesting that Morgana might leave Ariela behind in the woods, you know very well that she will never do that. After a cosy walk they will both return with their basket full of lovely flowers to decorate our home, I'm sure they will. And then they'll make me a nice meal, life can be so sweet.

It can be hard talking to Morgana when she's bent over her knitting, I know exactly how you feel. She can be so dedicated to reach her goals! It always makes me feel all wobbly when I see her like that. Like I'm inadequate and don't deserve to share my life with her. I hope you don't take this wrong, but sometimes I feel relieved when I'm without Morgana's company. She makes me feel so useless and clumsy from time to time.

I've made myself usefull in Dagon Fel while waiting for the "spectacle-bloke" to show up. Every day I've been helping Erica and Ice in their beautiful shop, they are really fiendly. Well, to be honest, Erica is very friendly. Sometimes I'm not sure whether Ice likes me helping me all day. And then all over sudden, she's so overwhelming with kindness. Telling me that I can be a fitting doll for the dress she's making for the major's wife. That pig is as big as I am, she giggles, helping me in the major's wife's dress. She laughs so friendly when I show the dress, impersonating a big, fat, ugly wife. I'm a natural born talent, she roars with laughter. Ain't that cute, dear Grandpa? Erica smiles at me all day, she looks really happy when I arrive at dawn. Last night she suggested to come with me to my place, saying that "Ice can hold the fort for as long as it takes". Ice wasn't around then, so I wouldn't know if it's ok with her. And I haven't told Erica about Morgana yet, well there was no need was there? Oh, why gets life always so bloody complicated!

Perhaps it would be best if I'd stayed some time on my own. The landlady of "The End of the World" offered me to stay in the inn as long as I wishes. I could help her with little things she said, and she would let me stay and cook me evening meals. I might just do that, for a while.

Please give my best wishes to Morgana,

Ps, thank you for bringing this Vvardenfell Travel Agency to my attention. It would be lovely to travel to all the exotic places, me and my lady friends.

December 10th

Dear Tom,

Indeed, I believe that you are right. Morgana would probably never leave Ariela behind, especially not now, as they have actually become friends...

You see, Morgana's old friend Erica wrote a long letter to Morgana, telling her all about her latest boyfriend. She had also enclosed a rather intimate painting of the two of them. I actually think that the painting was signed by "Imperial Tom", but I'm not really sure - oil paintings really get destroyed pretty fast, don't they, when thrown into a fireplace?!

Anyway, after reading the letter, burning the painting along with your clothes and finally challenging Melvin into a game of dart - with your portray as the target board, actually - Morgana calmed down and started to write a letter to Ariela. Obviously, this turned out very nicely, because the day after she got a reply, and the day after that, she went to see Ariela.

The girls must have got along very well together, cause the joy and happiness was back in Morgana's eyes when she returned home, and she hasn't been knitting since then. Ariela had taught her how to make a new kind of doll, and they had obviously had a lot of fun playing with their dolls. The dolls looked a lot like you, actually, especially after Morgana had added some hair from your comb to them.

Tomorrow, Morgana is going to meet Ariela again - I'm sorry to tell you this, but they actually have a double-date with two of the nice modders at Grumpy's school.
Now, as we are both men of world, and as I have understood that you are sort of, well, enjoying yourself, in Dagon Fel, I am sure that neither of us would begrudge Morgana this little innocent pleasure. (I of course hope that you will soon find life without Morgana pretty dull, and that you will decide to return to Ald'ruhn and make an honorable woman of her. I can't wait to hear the sound of my grandchildren's happy laughter when casting fireballs at each other! )

Morgana also mentioned something about that she and Ariela had to make up plans for "a mutual enemy", but I didn't really understand that. As I said, Morgana has always liked Grumpy very much, so she can't be referring to him...

Your paintings are indeed very beautiful. Alas, I haven't been able to put them on the walls just yet, as Morgana has taken all the needles. She said that she and Ariela needed them when playing with their dolls.

Best regards
Grandpa le Hex

P S I'm sorry that I haven't been able to seal this letter, but it seems like I've run completely out of wax. That's odd, I'm quite sure that I had quite a huge amount of wax right here only a few days ago...

December 14th

Dear Grandpa,

It has taken me a while to write this letter, for I've been feeling rather ill the last few days. Hjotra believes I'm suffering from a kind of flu that seems to be rather common in Dagaon Fel this year. I sincerely hope she is right, for I believe it might me more serious than that. Most of the time I feel alright, and then all over sudden I feel these stinging pains. Like being stabbed with a hot dagger, it makes me feel that I'm dying. Even wishes to, sometimes. Hjotra laughs at me, saying that I'm acting silly, these Nords are so fierce! Most of the time I'm just laying in my bed, being useless and basically a pain in the butt to everyone. Although they are polite, I feel that I've extended my welcome. It's time to get up and leave I suppose, if only I was feeling a little better.

Lately I visited the travel agency you mentioned earlier. I asked to travel to the Ascandian Isles and ended up on a stone in the middle of the ocean. When I ordered the travel agent to bring me back he changed into Morgana laughing I couldn't afford the fares. My sheets were all wet with sweat when I woke up. Dreams like this have been haunting me for several nights now, always ending with Mogana having fun at me. I haven't had a decent sleep for days, and I'm feeling weeker by the day.

It has been several days since I wrote the previous lines, days I mostly spend half-sleeping half-awake in bed. I can't remember much details, but I know I have been severely ill. When I woke up this morning I was feeling a lot better, healthy enough to gather my belongings to leave Dagon Fel. You have to know that your latest letter was a bit worrying, Morgana and Ariela facing a mutual enemy makes me almost sick with fear. The image of two innocent harmless girls, all by themselves against a fierceful enemy, is more than I can take. I don't know yet who is the evil being that dares to trouble my beloved ones, but I will not let it succeed it it's demonish behaviour. I will stand firm and defend my Morgana!

When I left Dagon Fel I was trying to say goodbye to Erica and Ice. I haven't seen them since I was tied to my bed, and I thought it was only a matter of well-behaviour to pay them a last visit. Although I saw the major's wife leaving the boutique in a happy mood, I found that the door was locked. Peeping through the window I could see both girls, and I tried to attrack their attention. But alas, no matter how loud I shouted they didn't hear me. Since the door remained locked I was unable to tell them I was leaving. Ah well, I can always write them a letter when I get home. I'm sure they will like that very much.

I expect to be home tomorrow, could you bring the news to Morgana?

Rushing home,


Ps, To show you my gratitude for your kind considerations, I bought you some fine real Dagon Fel wax, and a box of needles.

December 15th

Dear Grandpa,

I'm afraid I've been a little delayed. While in Gnisis on my way home, I heard about a new Breton settlement just cross the river. I heard that a certain Deralia Prille sells beautiful amulets and rings and such, so I thought I might as well have a look to buy Morgana a little present. You know how much the ladies like to receive pretty gifts. Deralia had a nice selection, but it was hard for me to make a choice. So while I was in doubt whether to buy Morgana this or that I couldn't help but starting a polite conversation with Deralia. She is such an understanding person, I talked about all my personal problems, and she understood completely. Before I realised how long we've been enjoying each others company, it was too late to travel on. New Evermore is a lovely settlement, but it's not save to travel at night. Somewhere in the vicinity lives a very dangerous necromancer, who has known to kill hundreds of innocent travellers, especially at night. You know I'm not easily scared, but I reckon this powerfull Gnavis Wormpox to be too much even for me.

Looking for a place to stay overnight, I went to the Wayrest Inn in New Evermore. It appeared that Isabelle is working as a landlady there! I'm not sure if I ever told you about Isabelle, but she and I went to school together. In fact she gave me my first kiss, years ago. Unfortunately there was no room available in the inn, but Isabelle said she would be happy to accommodate me for the night.

See you tomorrow,


Ps, I've seen a lovely common amulet for Morgana that I decided to buy her first thing tomorrow.

December 16th

Dear Tom,

I'm so sorry to hear about your illness, and I'm truly happy that you are now feeling better. Yes, a flu can really make the strongest man weak as a child. I am glad that the Dagon Fel landlady has taken propen care of you.

The Breton settlement New Evermore seems to be a very charming place. I would truly enjoy to visit it some day, if I could only find a way to travel that would be appropriate for a person with my, shall we say, "condition". I assume that an artistic person as yourself have spent some time painting the surroundings. Whenever you have the time, I would appreciate to hear more about the place, and to have a look at the paintings.

Childhood love is something extraordinary beautiful. So sweet, so innocent... If you ask this Isabelle, she might even help you to find the right amulet for Morgana. If you haven't got much money left, you shouldn't worry about giving her "just" a common amulet. It's the thought that counts. And, besides, Morgana use to claim that common amulets are the most suitable for enchantments. Or maybe only for destruction enchantments? Or maybe only for that last enchantment that she learnt, the one that automatically transform men into mudcrabs when they are flirting with more than one woman. I can't recall, but anyway, I'm sure that she will be very happy about your gift... if she gets it.

Tom, I am worried! Something has happened, and I don't know how to bring these devastating news to you.

You see, when your first letter arrived, Morgana was here, cooking our supper, and I read the letter aloud for her. As soon as she heard that you were ill, she got all pale, and screamed: "Oh, poor Tom! Oh, what have I done to my poor sweetheart! I must go to him immediately!" Then, she just turned around and ran out of the house, without even removing the kettle from the fireplace. I tried to follow her, but the brisk wind got hold of me, and to my despair, I blow with it all the way to Fort Buckmoth. Luckily, Leif happened to be there, and he realized how awkward my position was, so he grabbed my schrou... hrm... nightgown... and dragged me home again.

Since this happened, I have neither seen, nor heard from Morgana. I believe that she has left for Dagon Fel, in order to nurse you back to health.

But, the roads are dangerous, and Morgana isn't half the spellcaster she believe herself to be. Although brave, she hasn't got your experience and your good judgement. On top of that, her temper can sometimes be her worst enemy.

So, Tom, I must ask you for a favour. Please return to Dagon Fel, and see if you can find Morgana! I'm afraid that something terrible could happen to her. If she is still the apple of your eye, I'm sure you won't hesitate to do so.

As her worried grandfather, I beg you to hurry up! Please write back to me as soon as you have any news!

My very best wishes,
Grandpa le Hex

December 16th

Dear Grandpa,

Your letter came by late delivery yesterday night, and although Isabelle insisted I should stay at least until the morning, I left New Evermore in great hurry. Isabelle completely lost control, crying that "Gnavis would get me". And that that would "serve me right".

I had to wade through the shallow river to reach the silt-strider in Gnisis, caught the early morning boat in Khuul, and arrived in Dagon Fel a mere 24 hours after I left the place. Funny how different a place can look, only one day later. The people seem definately more surly than during my first stay. They look away when I pass, and suppressed laughter sounds behind my back. If it wasn't for Morgana I would have left immediately. Erica's and Ice's shop is still closed, like they're on holidays. Hjotra was polite, but cool, and she didn't have a vacant room for me to spend the night. The friendly people in the chapel luckily kept their usual hospitality, so I found myself a place to stay tonight.

It's not easy for me to admit, dear Grandpa, but I feel that I haven't treated Morgana well. In my urge to rescue Ariela I seemed to have forgotten how much I love your granddaughter. I'm easily flattered and when the other ladies were so warm and friendly to me, I let them take advantage of my weak mental condition. But that will not happen again, never! It's Morgana I love and no one else.

During my journey back to Dagon Fel I had plenty of time to think things over. And one of your casual remarks sort of grew on my. It's when you said something about grandchildren, eh let me take your letter, Ah, here it is, you said: "I can't wait to hear the sound of my grandchildren's happy laughter when casting fireballs at each other!". The thought of me and Morgana starting our own family is suddenly quite appealing to me. Morgana can do the laundries, cook us meals and keep the house clean, while I would bring the children to school occasionally. That would be a fantastic way of life, wouldn't you think Grandpa

I don't believe Morgana has arrived yet, but since I find it hard to communicate with the citizens of Dagon Fel today, I'm not sure. I'll wait for the new day to come, but if Morgana will not be on the afternoon boat, I'll start looking for her myself, although I wouldn't know which route she has chosen. Do you know if there is any way I could get in touch with her? Then we could arrange a place to meet.

Feeling utterly forlorn,


December 23th

Dear Tom,

Please tell me what has happened, my bones have literally been trembling since your last letter. Have you found Morgana? She hasn't got into trouble, has she? Summoning storm atronachs in a Nord village is certainly not a good idea, and summoning storm atronachs in tiny armor shops could really cause a disaster.

I hope she hasn't been quarreling with the guards again - I remember what a disaster it was last time, when she turned the Ald'ruhn bookshop owner into a mudcrab just because he laughed heartily when she was asking for a book on questions of etiquette. He said that he knew no-one in such an urgent need of an etiquette-book as Morgana, and that was surely a mistake... As soon as he was transformed back to his normal self again, he went to the guards, and they grabbed my poor granddaughter, who had to spend five days in prison to ponder upon her "evil" deeds. Well, I think they would have let her go already after three days, hadn't she insisted upon singing that old tune "I want a grilled pink mudcrab for dinner, mum" all the time. She has got such a pretty voice, naturally they wanted to keep her as long as possible. (She has inherited her singing voice from me, by the way, in my youth I actually had plans to make my living as an opera singer).

Please promise me that you will write back as soon as you find Morgana. Then, we can have a serious discussion about your future plans. I like you very much, Tom, but I am also a bit concerned. Your habit of running after everyone wearing a skirt could cause problems in the long run, and I don't want to see my granddaughter spending the rest of her life together with a Tomcat on two legs (please excuse the pun, I know your name is Tom, but the pun would have been far worse had you been a khajiit. Which you aren't ... I think...).

Perhaps you'd better settle down on the countryside? There you won't find such an amount of beautiful ladies who might distract your attention. I have heard about a very nice Grazeland estate that is for rent. I believe it would suite your artistic taste, as it should - according to rumors - include some nice paintings of fat people drinking beer, sculptures of curvy ladies without arms, and probably a couple of servants, with arms and without beers. (I do believe you need the servants, unless you want to cope with Morgana's cooking, which I wouldn't recommend :-p).

Your friend Grandpa le Hex

P S I have included some further information on VTA Travel Agency - I have heard that this company has improved its services.

December 23th

Dear Sir,

It is with some hesitation that I write you this letter. I understand that you are aquainted with, or even related to, a man known as Imperial Tom. It's because you wrote him a letter recently, a letter that cannot be delivered for reasons I will explain.

As you might know he has spent some time in our lovely village. I may assure you that his stay did not pass unnoticed, the way he approached the local women caused quite a stir in our rural town! At first everyone saw a young love blossom between Tom and a local shop keeper, Erica. But when Tom started to flirt with Erica's partner Ice, Erica broke up on him. Then he started to show interest in the landlady of The End of the World, our Dagon Fel Inn. At first Hjotra was flattered, but as soon as she found out that this Tom was engaged to married to an unknown Breton girl, her affection for Tom died. The fact that Tom spent most of his time in bed pretending to suffer from some exotic disease didn't help him very much to gain Hjotra's respect again. I'm sure you'll understand. I dare say there was a wave of relieve when Imperial Tom finally left our place, the shock of his return only 24 hours later was enormous!

But he was a different man when he returned. He seemed very worried about "this silly girl" who was apparantly "not able to look after herself". Because none of the villagers would offer him a bed for the night, he came to us. I never believed for a second that this imperial was a true believer, but we welcome everyone, although in this particular case I had sincere doubts. I hope this doesn't offend you, mister Le Hex. Jina Solitude convinced me though that we should offer this Tom a bed for the night. She even offered to look after him, "just to make sure he wouldn't trouble me". She is a very fine lass indeed, our Jina!

Luckily Tom stayed for one night only, the next day at dawn he was gone. Although Jina spent the whole morning, and some of the afternoon, looking for Tom, no one has ever seen or heard of him since. We do know that he has not taken the boat to Khuul, for that will not set sail until later in the afternoon. We did think of organising a search for this man, because the weather is really bad in this area and this time of the year, but I couldn't motivate the villagers enough to do so.

Your letter came only hours after Tom has left, I've kept it in case he might return, but I fear that that will not happen.

Although I can't say that we will miss Imperial Tom, I have to confess that his visit changed something for the better in Dagon Fel. Relations between male and female villagers seems to be more balanced than they were before, when the man took everything for granted. It's obvious that the man are more relieved about Tom's disappearance than the women, but they don't show much regret either. I dare say it will be for the best of our community if this man would never show up again.


Reverend Gjorn Glacier
Imperial Chapel of Dagon Fel

December 23th

Dear Grandpa,

The morning after I arrived, I left Dagon Fel before the sun rose. I didn't have a fixed plan, and I knew the boat to Khuul wasn't sailing that early, but I just couldn't wait any longer. Luckily enough in Dagon Fel I met a fisherman from Khuul, who had spent a joyful evening away from his not-so-understanding wife. In return for telling his wife that he was late because he had been helping me, he gladly invited me on his small boat.

After a short courtesy visit in Khuul I walked to the silt-strider, to meet Morgana who was on her way from the silt-strider to the boat to Dagon Fel. I dropped my bag, she jumped into my arms and we just stood there, feeling so happy. Everything was alright at last.

Our intial plan was to go home to see you, dear Grandpa, but then Morgana set eye on an advertisment of that new Travel Agency, you mentioned earlier. It appeared that they had a lot of special offerings to celebrate that they had extended their services. Before we realised what we were doing, we were travelling to the Ascadian Archipelago for a fortnight of entertainment in the sun. Almost all of the time Morgana was cheerfuly singing, I had never realised before she had such a wonderful voice! She told me that that runs in the family and that you nearly started a career at the opera when you were younger. I'd never knew that! As soon as we meet, I would love to hear you sing. So would our children when you babysit them, I'm sure.

The first days were like we were in heaven. Morgana was so sweet, she'd promised to give up witchcraft and that all she wanted to be was a good housewife and mother of my children. I teased her that she had to improve on her cooking, and that was what it all started, I'm afraid.

One morning Morgana told me at breakfast that she had subscribed to a cooking course that was given by some local guy. ForEver Cooking was the name of his cooking-school. I was very pleased that she showed this intiative, but then I had no idea what disaster was to come. Right after the first lessons Morgana changed. I didn't realise it then, but looking backwards I can see it clearly now. She became quiet and wouldn't want me to touch her. I still didn't think too much of it. When she replied snappily "nothing" upon my question what was wrong, I reckoned it was just that time of the month.

Necessarily I spent much time on my own, aimlessly walking on the beach and the holiday resort. Still without a clue what was happening, I decided to surpise Morgana and visit her while whe was learning the "art of haute-cuisine". Grandpa, the way that "cook" treated the ladies, there were only women in his class, was appalling! Standing very close behind Morgana holding her hands to "help her stir that soup" because it was important that "she felt the moves", it really made me sick. And that look in Morgana's eyes! I had seen that look in her eyes before, just after we first met. And seeing her like that in the arms of that Brad NoNever, I believe his name was, was too much for me to take. I left immediately, before Morgana noticed my presence.

At lunch Morgana was her usual self again, she was calm and seemed rather content. Just when I would suggest to have dinner in that new fish restaurant we'd heard so much good news about, she told me that she had to go to evening class. That Brad NoNever had told Morgana that she was a very talented young lady and that he could give her some private lessons at his home, at no extra charge. She said that she felt chosen, because "Brad never invites more than one student" at the same time for this private education. Perhaps I overreacted a bit Grandpa, but I couldn't help it. I shouted at Morgana that that cook was a womaniser who couldn't care less about Morgana's cooking abilities and that Morgana was all he was interested in. She shouted that I, of all people, had no right to accuse anybody of such intentions, and that it was my "filthy mind" that inspired me to suspect that "dear Brad" of such behaviour. It was then when she started mentioning a number of ladies I had spent some time with. That made me so mad that I forbade her to leave the house. Morgana slammed the door on the way out, and I'm afraid I haven't seen her since.

I can't, no won't, believe that it is all over between Morgana and me. I'm sure that that Bradthing will get bored pretty soon and find himself a new innocent girl to invite at his home. But I am afraid that Morgana has changed, and I'm not sure what that will do to the feelings she had for me. To tell you the truth I'm not even sure if I can live with the image of Morgana with that cook.

I wished I had better news to bring, but it's just the way it is.


Ps. I've just invited that cook for a man-to-man talk. We'll meet in half an hour just outside this resort, near a small, but steep and deep, ravine. Brad's Pit I already call that place.

December 26th

Dear, dear Grandpa,

We're going to have a baby!

Morgana just told me, we're so happy! I'll be a daddy, my mum will be a granny, oh gosh this is so great! We will buy all sorts of lovely tiny baby things. We're so thrilled!

How things looked different the other day. I thought that Morgana was in love with someone else, but I completely misunderstand her emotions. See, she was a bit worried if I would like to become a father, and to be honest with you, she doubted if I were the right man for her. I have this love for womanhood in general that worries her a bit, but there is absolutely no need for that. I asssured her that I will never set eye on any other woman again, I'm even prepared to explain this myself eye-to-eye to Ariella, Ice, Erica, Hjotra, Deralia, Isabella and that nice girl in Dagon Fell Chapel, Jina. I'm sure they will all be very happy for Morgana and I. And of course they will always be welcome to visit our little baby.

I suppose I owe you an explanation, my last letter's post scriptum might have caused some disturbance, even might have made you worried. There was no need for that, dear Grandpa. I admit, I had murder on my mind that night, I was in such a state. But, ah well, let me tell you what has happened.

Brad made me wait quite long, I'd almost believed he wouldn't turn up at all, but there they were. Brad and another man, Bambo. It apppeared that this Rambi was Brad's very jealous boy-friend. They tried to keep it a secret, but Brad and Bambi weren't interested in women at all. And I mean, not at all. This Bambo has been working as a personal servant for Ice, (you remember Ice from Dagon Fel?) and during one of Ice's holidays in the south he has met Brad. He resigned Ice's employment immediately to settle down with Brad. They're living together ever since, trying to avoid feeding local gossip. That's why Brad is always flirting with the ladies. And because Rambi is a very jealous chap indeed, Brad will only allow for women to attend to his cooking school. Well, could you ever believe that, Grandpa? My mouth fell literally open, and I was a little embarrised too. But if this is what makes these man happy, who am I to deny them their way of life?

Morgana didn't come home that night, she just couldn't. She spent the night in a cheap inn nearby, thinking about the future mostly. One time deciding not to tell me that she was expecting a, our, baby, and that she would raise the child all by herself, and the next moment she decided I should not get away with it that easily. It was an angry Morgana I met the next morning, calling me an irresponsible lazy no-good, who wouldn't take care of his own child. She went on and on, but all I could hear was that I'm going to be a father.

That's basically it, dear Grandpa. We're leaving tomorrow, we expect to be home before dinner, see you then.

A very happy,


Ps. You do realise that Morgana will be eating for two now, don't you? Just kidding, Grandpa.