Pen's Kid's Clothing Mod

by Pendraia

This mod adds children’s clothing to all the following clothiers:
agrippina herennia located
Belwen located
bevene releth located 
bivale teneran located
elegnan located 
falanaamo located
mevure hlen located 
milie hastien located
nalvilie saren located 
verara rendo located
zebba benamamat located
“Vivec, Agrippina Herennia: Clothier”
“Mournhold, Clothier”
“Ald-ruhn, Bevene Releth: Clothier”
“Ald-ruhn, Bivale Teneran: Clothier”
“Tel Mora, Elegnan: Clothier”
“Caldera, Falanaamo: Clothier”
“Vivec, St. Olms Tailors and Dyers Hall”
“Balmora, Milie Hastien: Fine Clothier”
“Vivec, St. Olms Canal South-One”
“Suran, Verara Rendo: Clothier” 

Download Pen's Kid's Clothing Mod
from Elric Melnibone

Download Pen's Kid's Clothing Mod
from Pendraia's Morrowind Mods and Resources