Boyfriend, Imperial


Now includes both Morrowind and Tribunal versions!

Indiana James, the boyfriend of your female PCCharacter is back in Vivec. Smarter, more handsome and better at running and kissing than ever before. He is a warrior who loves a good fight, and between your adventures, you can rest in his cottage just to the left of the bridge to Vivec Foreign Quarter (where you'll find him at start).

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New features:

  • more handsome - Indiana now has one of Rhedd's fantastic heads
  • imperial - as there are no redguard heads made by Rhedd available, Indiana is now imperial
  • smarter - he will have different dialogs in different places and in different situations. He has also taken up his studies, and can improve every skill - if you just have money enough to share the costs for his expensive books. Everytime you give him money for studying, he will improve 1 point in any skill you choose. If you just peek into his diary, you'll learn about his initial skills - and about his background story.
  • a better runner, with new movement-scripts for both Morrowind and Tribunal versions.
  • won't get lost in caves. Already at the beginning, he'll give you a ring that you can use to teleport him whenever you get separated from him.
  • some other surprises that you'll have to find out for yourself.
  • He's not only a good fighter but also a nice company. He is able to heal himself, to repair his own armor and provide you with some useful stuff along the road. He is also able to sneak, to cast a number of spells and to teleport.


  • a better runner. Once your PC-character has a speed of +50, Indiana will have the same speed +100
  • a new wardrobe with several outfits to choose among.
  • teleports to Vivec Foreign Quarter Plaza


  • a better runner, with an AiFollow script DEVELOPED BY GRUMPY that also allows him to really follow the player when flying.
  • won't get stuck in caves - the AiFollow script will make him warp to the player.
  • companion sharing option allows you to give him whatever weapon, armor and clothes you choose, and he will help you to carry your stuff.
  • teleports to Mournhold, Ebonheart and Vivec.
  • If you start out with a low level character, you might find Indiana's long blade skills a bit too impressing - you do want to do some fighting yourself, don't you? If so, just let him use any other kind of weapon where his abilities better matches the one of your PCCharacter.

Download links:

Download Boyfriend Indiana James
from Emma's Elder Scrolls Site

Download Boyfriend Indiana James
from Great House Fliggerty