Vvardenfell Travel Agency
- makes travelling with companions a lot easier

A new company has started in Vvardenfell: VTA-Vvardenfell Travel Agency. When using their services, travelling with companions will be a lot easier. It doesn't matter where you are, the travel agents will always show up and bring you and the rest of your party to one of totally 32 locations.

VTA Travel Agency sells longterm-tickets in the shape of rings that can be bought from the Balmora trader Ra'Virr. One ring will take you and everyone else in your party to 17 Morrowind city destinations and the Redoran, Telvanni and Hlaalu strongholds, from any place you wish. Another ring will take you to Morrowind Ashlander camp destinations. There are also rings for the Mournhold and Solstheim areas.

Just equip a ring, and you will meet one of the VTA travel agents. It doesn't matter where you are - the agents will always be at your service. 

You are welcome to discuss and ask questions about my mods in my forum.

Ver 1.2:
- four new destinations: Suran and Hlaalu, Redoran and Telvanni strongholds
- SkipEquip-function; the player don't have to actually "wear" the rings to use them 

This zip-file includes three esp-files:
VTA_TravelBM+Trib - with totally 32 locations in Morrowind, Mournhold and Solstheim. Requires: Tribunal and Bloodmoon
VTA_TravelTribun - with 28 locations in Morrowind and Mournhold. Requires: Tribunal
VTA_TravelBlood - with 28 locations in the Morrowind and Solstheim area. Requires: Bloodmoon

PLEASE NOTE: Many quest mods, including my own "Blades Quest: Prophecy of the Lost Heir", includes quests that will not work out as supposed if you are using a travel system like this when travelling with your companions. So, the VTA Travel Agency should be used with caution when playing quests where companions are involwed.

Download links:

Download VTA Traveling Agency 

Download VTA Traveling Agency 
Great House Fliggerty

Download VTA Traveling Agency 
Elric Melnibone

Download VTA Traveling Agency 
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German version available here