Spouses Can Live Everywhere
By Amgepo & Emma

Ver: 0.91 BETA

Cathegory: Followers and houses

Requirements: Skyrim

Author: Amgepo, Emma


With this mod, you can settle down with your spouse wherever you want - in houses added by other mods, a vanilla shack, a dungeon or even on the road. Yes, if your spouse annoys you, you can even send him/her to live in a prison or under a bridge... The options are unlimited, and your spouse will have the same AI-packages and vendor features as in vanilla homes.

Still, the main purpose with this mod is of course to make spouses live in houses from mods the same way they do in vanilla houses.

How does it work?

A new lesser power (Mark New Home) will be added to your character's Spells list. You activate it from the spells list, and you cast it with the z-key (like a shout).

Each time you use the "Mark New Home"-power, the place you are in will be set as a potential new home for your spouse (a message in the upper left corner will confirm that it worked). 
However, you should also talk to your spouse. When you ask your spouse to move to a new place, a new option has been added that allows you to say that you have a new home to share with him/her. 

If you choose this option, your spouse will go to live in the place you have selected with the "Mark New Home"-power. 
If you have forgotten to cast the power before talking to your spouse, he/she will, if not in following-mode, wander off to the default-destination which is the Temple of Mara in Riften. 
However, this shouldn't be a problem. Once you have told your spouse that he/she is supposed to live in your "new home", he/she will automatically relocate to any place where you cast the "Mark New Home"-power. 

So, if you miss your lifetime companion and is currently in a far away location, you can still cast the "Mark New Home"-power, and the spouse will travel to you. (If you are far away from him/her the travel can take some time, though - spouses aren't very fast in their movements).


Download links:

Download Spouses Can Live Everywhere ver 0.91
from SkyrimNexus 

Download Spouses Can Live Everywhere ver 0.91
from Emma's Elder Scrolls Site


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