Vilja in Solstheim ver 2.0
Add-On for Vilja in Skyrim


Requires: VILJA IN SKYRIM (EMCompViljaSkyrim.esp), Skyrim.esm, Dragonborn.esm

In November 2012, the Solstheim girl Vilja arrived in Skyrim.
Now you can visit Solstheim with her!

Ever since the Skyrim expansion Dragonborn was released, players have been asking when there will be an add-on for Vilja in Skyrim that will make it more immersive to bring Vilja with them to Solstheim, the place she refers to as her home.
The first version was released in march 2013. This is ver 2, where you can also meet Vilja's family (provided that you have finished the first questline in the Vilja in Skyrim mod and Vilja has agreed to stay with you in Skyrim) and where Vilja will have unique interaction with the Solstheim companion Frea.

As we have seen, the Solstheim that Bethesda envisioned doesn't really match what Vilja has been talking about (as my original vision of her home was based on the Morrowind expansion Bloodmoon and the way Solstheim appeared there).
But, of course Bethesda hasn't told us the whole story. They will only let us go to one of the islands in the Solstheim 
archipelago! Vilja's family of course lives on another island, which isn't suffer from any bad influence from the eruption of the Red Mountain 200 years ago. 
In this expansion, you will at least for now not be able to go and visit Vilja's family on their home island. But Vilja, the Solstheim girl, can explain why, and she can also offer you company, guidance and gossip as you travel the available part of Solstheim together. And you will occasoinally be able to meet her family in Raven Rock!

The expansion includes more than 150 new comments on people, quests and events in Solstheim. Vilja can also lead the way to various places, and occasionally guide you to certain quest-locations.

New in ver 2:

- Unique interaction between Vilja and the Solstheim companion Frea. 
- Meet Vilja's family on Middas in Raven Rock. Please note: in order to meet any of them, you have to finish Vilja's first 
questline in Skyrim. Vilja should already have agreed to stay with you in Skyrim, and you should have told her whether or not she is more than a friend to you. In order to meet Vilja's *parents* you have to either be married to Vilja, or you have told Vilja she is only a friend. If Vilja is only a friend, you have to play through the questline that gives Vilja her bardchants before you will meet her parents. None of her family will be in Raven Rock until you have discussed this with Vilja herself after arriving in Solstheim! She will bring up the subject!
- Vilja can now perform as a bard in the Raven Rock inn. (Vilja will NOT dance on the tables in this inn; it is run by a dunmer and he would never allow it)
- Vilja has unique interaction also in Solstheim with all followers of any of these voice-types: femaleeventoned (Lydia et al), femalecommander (Aela et al), MaleBrute (Farkas et al), FemaleDarkelf (Jenassa et al), Male Khajiit (J'zargo et al), Maleeventoned (Marcurio et al) and FemaleYoungEager (Jordis, Brelyna et al).
- Corrected a mistake in Vilja's scenes with other followers in Solstheim that made them sometimes "fill in" for each other when traveling with more than one follower of the same voice type.

Install and uninstall

Install: In order to run the mod, the esp as well as the bsa should be placed in your Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim/Data-folder.
Uninstall: All the scripting in this expansion is ran once from dialog. I.e. all the "real" scripts are contained within the 
Vilja in Skyrim mod. So, to uninstall this mod, just uncheck it and remove it. There shouldn't be any bad side-effects.

Download links for Vilja in Solstheim:

Download Vilja in Solstheim
from Emma's Elder Scrolls Site

Download Vilja in Solstheim
from Skyrim.Nexus