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Shortly before Grumpy passed away on June 17th 2005, he sent me all of his WIP-material. Among the dozens of WIP-companions with various scripts, there was one mod that was actually completed: the packguar Lulu. He had made her on request from some MW-player, but never bothered to upload her. He told me that if I felt like it, I could check her out and see if I found her worth an upload.

So many things happened so quickly afterwards, and I more or less forgot about little Lulu. Until Sorcha Ravenlock requested a packguar companion. I digged among the files I had 'inherited' and found Lulu. Sorcha has tested her for a while, and she is working just fine... 

So here she is, Grumpy's final gift to you all...
She is exactly the way he made her, I have only cleaned the mod before uploading it. 

Grumpy has written a readme, which I have enclosed. Please read it! You'll have to console Lulu into your game, and he'll explain how to do that. He'll also explain about her other features.

Before Grumpy passed away, I promised him to take over responsibility for all of his mods. If you have any questions or problems with Lulu or any other of his mods, please contact me at:


- Emma

.GRUMPY'S README FOR VER 1.0 of Packguar


I tried everything I could to get this thing in the game some legitimate way, but for some reason, it didn't want to work. Something in the game due to the script that prevents it from happening, so you'll have to bring her in via the console.

So we'll consider this one a beta for now...

Pull the console by hitting the tilde key (~)...

Type the following:

placeatpc 1gr_packguar 1 0 0 0

...hit the enter key...

Please note that there are spaces between the numbers...

Follow commands are the basics, but I've included a couple of others:

"Stay Outside..." which if issued via dialog, will cause the critter to ALWAYS wait outside whenever you enter an interior. Also a command called "Follow me inside, Lulu..." That toggles this function off.

"Stay out of my way..." which toggles on an "auto-move" function that will cause the critter to move (hopefully out of your way) if you get too close to it. "Stay with me, Lulu..." is the other side of this toggle that turns this option off. Should be noted that if this option is used that the critter must NOT be moving if you use anykind of teleport device (door, siltstrider, etc.). This puts the critter in AIWander for a short duration, and if they are in that state, they will not teleport with you. Take you about 5 seconds to get used to it, but you have to remember that they need to be stationary before you teleport.

More than healthy is an understatement...

No fighter this one either... Flee is 100

No leveling necessary because of this, but she is "speed adjusted" to the player.

Should follow quite well.

***Extract to the Data Files folder*** ...and enable on the MW splash screen...

Best of luck...


aka Grumpy

Download Grumpy's Packguar ver 1.0
from Emma's Elder Scrolls Site

Download Grumpy's Packguar ver 1.0
from Elric Melnibone

Download Grumpy's Packguar ver 1.0
from Great House Fliggerty