Packdonkeys ver 2.1

by Emma and CDCooley
- featuring Mr_Siilka's donkey models

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Tired of being your own packmule? Buy yourself an obnoxious borderline-criminal packdonkey, and your Cyrodiil life will never be the same. At the Chorrol stables, you can now buy up to four packdonkeys - Groucho, Chico, Harpo and Zeppo.
They can follow you everywhere, including through dungeon crawling and into your home, but in ver 2 you can tailor their following-behaviour to suit your personal taste.
Each of them are carrying two containers, so you can keep your loot sorted. It's up to you to decide if you want an encumberance-limit or not.
You can reward your donkeys with apples and carrots in order to keep them happy. They are essential, and as for healing, they have an ability that makes them slowly auto-heal over time.
They come with a summon-spell, so you don't have to worry about that they get lost>The donkeys are pack-animals, not fighters. In general, they will only fight to defend themselves and then return to peaceful again. Unless you are using mods that adds new enemies who don't belong to standard factions, it is not likely that your donkeys will get attacked very often. There's one more thing you should know: The donkeys may not be designed to be fighters, but they are all designed to be border-line criminals! If you allow them to "relax", they will gladly steal every apple or carrot they can find, sometimes with unexpected concequences. (Tell them to "wait" instead and they will leave the fruits and vegetables alone).
Should the donkeys get involved in unexpected trouble when "relaxing", use the "wait" command to stop fights.

New in ver 2.1  
- Now works even if you don't have Shivering Isles installed
- Fixed minor bug relating to buying Chico last.
- They will no longer get their AI corrupted if you go to jail (unless you use the "See You Sleep" mod without disabling the Jail bedrolls) 

New in ver 2
- As mentioned above, there are now four donkeys - Groucho, Chico, Harpo and Zeppo (thank you, Mondstein, for allowing us to use your black retexture for Zeppo!).
- One summon-spell handles all the donkeys that you own. Summon them individually, or all of your donkeys at the same time!
- Customizeable - it is up to you to decide the following
  - encumberance - choose between a variety of limits (500, 1000, 1500, 2000, and 2500), or no encumberance limit at all. (No encumberance limit is default).
  - following distances - choose how close behind each of them should follow you. Very useful if you are bringing more than one donkey along, or if you have other companions in tow.
  - following behaviour - by default, they will follow you everywhere, including dungeons or inside your abode. But this can be tailored and toggled to suit your personal wishes and needs.
  - note that some customizing options are available from the summon-spell, whereas others are available from the submenu "options" when you activate the donkey.
- New stable markers that can be set anywhere, one for each donkey! Just "talk" to them to set the stable location (on the options sub-menu) and then tell them to go home or use the summoning spell to send them home. Until you choose a new stable, they each will return to Chorrol.
- The donkeys will return automatically from Oblivion, but they will not follow into Oblivion on their own. You will have to summon them, and the spell will give a warning because they really don't do well there. (Besides, it must be against the Cyrodiilic laws regarding cruelty towards animals to even think of bringing them there!)
- More variety to their animations, especially when they are relaxing.
- Also enemies from OOO are unlikely to attack the donkeys.

New in ver 1.1
Added command "Relax".
Now, when you ask a donkey to "Wait", he will stand still where he is. "Relax" is the same as the "wait" behaviour was in ver 1.0, i.e. the donkey may wander around and even grab an apple or carrot he finds on the ground (or steal one from an npc).

Upgrade from ver 1.0-1.1
If you are already a donkey-owner, it should still be easy to upgrade the mod.
Replace the esp and the bsa with the new ones.
Ingame, start by casting one of the old donkey summon spells. This should add the new summon spell to your spell inventory and upgrade all the donkeys with the new features.


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Download Packdonkeys
from Emma's Elder Scrolls Site

Download Packdonkeys
Great House Fliggerty

Download Packdonkeys
from TES.Nexus  

Download Packdonkeys
from TES

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