Fisherman's Cottage ver 3.0

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The Fisherman's Cottage is located west of Anvil. Follow the coastline from Anvil Harbor and you will run into it. It is built on a pier on the shore and has an extraordinary view over the Abbecean sunset. 

The house is for free, but with ver 3 it comes with a small quest. Noone knows what happened to the fisherman who used to lived here, but if you look on the table on the pier outside the cottage, you will get a clue on how to obtain the key. NOTE: If you are already using the cottage and don't want to do the quest, read section "Upgrade".

The house is lower class Anvil style (interior no 1) furnished with middle class- and some lower class furniture. It includes dining-room, kitchen with fireplace and a double-bedroom on second floor. Trapdoor to basement with extra storage capacity and an abundance of crafting features.
It is made companion-friendly, is fully path-gridded and has persistant beds and chairs that companions can use. The mod also includes 26 no-respawn-containers (many of them 'mini-barrels') in the main cottage and 42 non-respawn-containers in the basement. Outside the cottage, there are 4 non-respawn barrels.

New in ver 3
Version 3 is a total rework which includes a lot of new and very unique crafting facilities. 

The cottage now includes the following facilities:
- Crafting facilities:
- you may craft leather armor from pelts
- you may craft jewels from gold- and silver nuggets or silver items - a melting pot is available at the small forge outside the cottage.
- you may craft lockpicks from smelted metal items.
- you may spin wool - there is a respawning wool barrel in the main cottage and another one in the basement.
- you may use the loom upstairs to make your own bolts of cloth.
- you may use the sewing basket on the desk upstairs to sew your own (vanilla) outfits. 
- you may carve your own wooden statues outside the cottage, using wood that you can saw or chop at the backside.
- extensive crafting manual is provided in the cottage.
- you can fish either from the boat at the pier, or you can activate one of the oars to travel to a better fishing place, with a broader variety of fishes. In order to return home, activate one of the oars again.
- you may empty the fish trap and the mud crab traps at the cottage on a daily basis. Note that you can also empty the mud crab traps from the pier, by activating their rope spools.
- you may make your own dishes in the cooking pot at the kitchen fireplace.
- you may bake your own bread by activating the bread basket on the kitchen desk.
- you may make your own coffee by using the coffee pot at the kitchen work desk.
- you may light/extinguish the fire by activating the wateringcan placed next to it.
- you may make your own alchemy potions by activating the alchemy equipment on the second floor.
- you may repair your equipment by activating the basement anvil.
- you may pour beer and wine from the kegs. Please use the empty bottles in the nearby crates for this purpose.
- you may cure yourself at the statue in the bedroom.
- you may give your companions additional orders while in the cottage. In order to do this, make sure that they each carry a "companion key" which can be found in a small chest on the kitchen desk. (You may have to make sure that your companion is not in following mode when you give the additional orders, else it might not work properly).
- daylight will automatically vanish during the night hours.
- the containers are non-respawning, with some exceptions: the wool barrels, and the trashbin in the basement. These containers are clearly marked as "RESPAWNING"

Known conflicts:
The mod conflicts with Unique Landscapes: The Lost Coast, but a patch exists: 


Optional COBL-addon

A COBL-addon is provided for COBL-users. It will add the following features:

- The Luggage - is located in the bedroom, but is only available if you have found the original Luggage in Anvil.
- Alchemy sorter - is located in the basement, on the right wall when you enter the basement.
- A grinder is placed on the alchemy desk. 
- Dinnerplate is placed on the dinnertable.
- One of the kegs in the basement will give water if you are using a survival mod.

I have choosen to make a COBL-add-on instead of a full COBL-version. My main reason for this is that I tend to continue to tinker on and improve my mods, and then I don't want to have to alter two esps. Obviously, the add-on has to load AFTER Leyawiin House mod, else many of the COBL-functions won't work.


Walkthrogh video from YouTube

Download links:

Download Fishermans Cottage ver 3.0
from TES.Nexus

Download Fishermans Cottage ver 3.0
from Emma's Elder Scrolls Site

Older versions:

Download Fishermans Cottage ver 2.1

from TES Alliance

Download Fishermans Cottage ver 2.1

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