Change-log Vilja in Skyrim


Changelog ver 3.02

Added a special brawlscript that was missing in previous bsa and caused problems with Vilja not following and odd behaviour from other followers.
The settings for Vilja's sturdiness/vulnerability will now show up correctly.
Minor cosmetic changes; removed a message "tic" that would occasoinally show up ingame, changed some dialog filters (among other things a couple of battle-cries where Vilja mistook a male player for a female one).

Changelog ver 3.01

Made a change to two scripts to ensure that Vilja would follow the player from start in a new game.

Changelog ver 3:

- A new system for players to configure her ability to deal and receive damage so that it fits their own playerstyle and the mods they are using (in the previous version, some people claim she is way too invicible whereas others say she is too weak). 
- A new, optional, "following-style" for Vilja that makes her more lively and independant. Can be turned on/off as you please.
- Full interaction and scenes and other features with your adopted children from Hearthfire. If you don't have Hearthfire, you will be able to have children living with you anyway.Talk to the kids in the Riften Orphanage and two of them will follow you to your home. Just don't expect these kids to have all the features or topics that are part of the Hearthfire expansion.
- Vilja and the player can play music together, with a number of new tunes that are not included in the Become a Bard mod (I absolutely recommend that you also use the Become a Bard mod for broader variety; these mods interact well and there is no reason not to use them together)
- A new "questline" with performance assignments for the Bards College. This is for roleplayers, so don't expect any hack-and-slash!
- A new optional bonus-follower - the bard girl Sindra from Vilja's lute quest - will make it possible to perform a broader variety of music that requires more instruments than two. She can also be a babysitter for your adopted kids and has full interaction with them! She will be able to join you shortly after you have started to do the performance assignments for the Bards College.
- You will meet at least three members of Vilja's family again; one of them can stay with you for a while if you like, and you will do a quest for one of the others. If you are not romancing Vilja, you will still meet these members of her family.
- Scenes and interaction with followers with voicetype Male Young Eager, for instance Erik the Slayer, Sven, Onmund (Mages college) and also every modder made follower with this voicetype.
- Some new functionality features, among them sitting on the ground together with the player.
- Her "Tell me your thoughts" dialog has been divided so that you can discuss specific subjects with her rather than just listen to what she randomly wants to say.
- Some new habits... for instance, she will now get drunk if you give her too many drinks. She'll also "remember" some of the things you have said and done.
- You can show her your "favorite places", she will remember them and later be able to lead you back to them.
- One more song where Vilja sings with Kindainappropriate on the lute has been incorporated.
- better setup to make her say the right things at the right time, and I fixed up the "combat alert"-comments (they didn't work earlier because of a mistake I made in the whole setup of them).
- an alternate dungeon-crawl way to do the Donkeytail-quest.
- It will also be possible to "do shopping" in smaller places like Riverwood, Falkreath, Winterhold (i.e. now all places that have general traders)
- She can now summon the player's horse.
- Better tent, with cooking-pot, for Vilja.
- Vilja recognizes and can comment on a few custom-made companions and followers from expansions like Cerwiden, Serana, Inigo, Rayya. This is mostly a framework to build on; currently Vilja will make comments to and about Cerwiden and Serana, but they are unable to reply. The others are in this version only recognized. Please understand that this is currently "just" a base to start from, not a full-fledged feature.
- better looking engagement rings (by Gamwich)
- and many smaller changes, upgrades, fixes and improvements, including re-recording of another approx 80 of the original voicelines that were done with a simple microphone.

Change-log ver 2.03:

- The radiant bardquests have been fully reworked and should no longer spawn items prematurely. (Please note! If you are upgrading from ver 2.0-202 and you have already been doing radiant tasks for the college, the old quest will keep on running paralel with the new one for some time! I didn't turn this off, as I can not get rid of the already spawned items. It's better that you can do the quests. Once you have reached a certain stage of the questline, it will stop. You can see the difference between the new and the old quest; Wilbert's topic for the old quest is "Tasks for the bard college" and his topic for the new is "More tasks for the bard quest". You can no longer get new quest-locations for the old radiant quest (as this would spawn further items), but you can change inconvenient quest locations in the new radiant quest by talking to Wilbert).

- Another 65 low-quality voice entries for Vilja has beeen re-recorded.

- The silence- and haste- chants will now work properly and can safely be used again.

- Vilja's reset-spell will now work on any actor. If the actor is not Vilja, it will perform some beneficial and harmless operations, like evaluate package and reset animations and - most important - fix the magicka bug that the silent chant previously would cause!

- In spite of all our efforts to cure the infamous Skyrim hug-kill bug, there are still reports of incidences. If the hug-kill bug plagues your game and kills the PCcharacter, he/she should be auto-resurrected. As a side-effect, he will also do a fasttravel to "recover his bones". And his eyes will remain closed until you exit and reload the game.

- Further improvements and adjustments of the wardrobe system.

Change-log ver 2.02:

- Adjustments of the wardrobe system.

Change-log ver 2.01:

- Corrected Tindra's behaviour so that she should no longer cause any problems with the wedding-ceremony
- Added an "emergency-backup" for the wedding ceremony: Should things not work at the ceremony, you can restart it by talking to Keerava.
- Items from Vilja's small random radiant quests will no longer show up in dungeons until she has started these quests (note: if you have started the game with ver 2.0, the items are already placed, but they are harmless)
- For the radiant bardquests, you can now change quest locations. We can not fully prevent radiant quests to take place in modded areas or in the DLC areas. But, if you get a quest location that you find is unfair, talk to Wilbert regarding the quest location and he will give you a new one. This is valid for all quest-locations apart from the first one (find Vilja's first quest book).
- If the radiant tasks for the bards college refuse to start, Wilbert will have a topic that allow you to reset and restart the quest (available once you have completed the first questline with four chant-books)
- Corrected an error in Beata's scripts that made it impossible to get the Lovers Comfort bonus if you used Beata to state that you are married to Vilja.
- If you say "No" to Vilja during the wedding ceremony, she will now be aware of this and react like any normal woman would. The wedding guests will leave the temple as soon as you talk to Vilja outside the temple.
- Improved sneaking behaviour
- Improvements of the wardrobe system (winter wardrobe, clipping issues etc)
- better control of Vilja's melee/ranged behaviour.
- Improved meshes and textures for the Wolfcry armor.
- Removed two scripts that should not have been in the bsa.


- Romance-track with wedding and wedding-party. Meet Vilja's family - several new npcs are included.
- New questline will allow Vilja to become a "real bard"
- Unique Bard chants for Vilja will add further to her fighting options once she has become a "real bard".
- Radiant neverending questline for the Bards College once Vilja has become a "real bard"
- Further radiant quests occasionally and randomly initiated by Vilja.
- New, full, optional wardrobe system with several possibilities: a) Decide exactly what Vilja should wear b) Predefine what she should wear during different situations (adventuring, city life, at home etc) and tell her to auto-change depending on the situation c) let her totally decide on her own (like in ver 1.5). (Manual for the wardrobe is included)
- Oblivion-style smalltalk with other npcs when Vilja is wandering around (not following you)
- Scenes with followers of more voicetypes: Female Young Eager (for instance Brelyna, Jordis) and Male Eventoned (for instance Marcurio and Faendal).
- Additional scenes added for previous voice-types and for other reasons. Totally + 50 new scenes.
- She will occasionally find loot on her own when dungeoncrawling.
- More roleplay-features (you can for instance "reply" to what she last said)
- She won't fight her friends - or rather, fights will stop almost instantly.
- corrections of various minor issues, like the nightgown clipping, Bruses speed, her habit to comment when you bump into her while sneaking
- more ai-improvements, more comments, more things she "knows" about and can do (actually too many things to list here, and some things I won't tell as they are supposed to be nice surprises)
- better way to recognize when the player is a vampire
- the appreciated "dine-out" feature from Oblivion will return, although only after you have completed he original quest.
- warping can be toggled on/off (will be helpful for Dragonborn players who wouldn't want her to follow when you read those books)
- lots of typos have been cured.
- more than 200 of the oldest voice recordings (with old microphone) have been redone.

Change-log for ver 1.5:

- Vilja will now interact with ANY follower, including modder-made ones, and ANY player-spouse that uses one of the vanilla voice-types that Vilja has special interaction with. Currently, this includes the following voice-types: Female Commander (for instance Aela), Female DarkElf (for instance Jenassa), Female Eventoned (for instance Lydia), Male Brute (for instance Farkas), Male Khajiit (for instance J'zargo). More is in the works.
- around 10 new scenes added, some for each voice-type.
- +60 new dialog entries for Vilja added.
- Vilja can now correctly use the unequipall-command, which means that she for instance will auto-undress when using the bathing facilities in Luxuary Suite.
- The bugs with Vilja mounting Bruse and Bruse visiting your house that have been present since ver 1.4 should now hopefully be resolved.
- Improved meshes for Vilja's green and blue dresses.
- re-recorded and added around 5 voice-files that haven't been working properly in ver 1.4-1.4.1
- made Vilja's spontaneous hugging optional (can only be set at the time when she gets interested in hugging you). Also ensured that Vilja won't spontaneously hug you when you have a weapon drawn.
- Minor tweaks, adjustments and fixes.

Change-log for ver 1.4.1:

- cured the bug in ver 1.4-1.4.01 that made Bruse enter interiors.
- improved Vilja's behaviour when mounting Bruse.
- re-fuzed around 15 voice-files that have not been working properly in ver 1.4-1.4.01
- cured a recently increased problem with four npcs not showing up at the location where they are supposed to (part of Vilja's 

- changed Vilja's campfire so that it can be deactivated.
- ensured that the Donkeytail quest will stop if Vilja has left permanently. Also ensured that the "Why don't you follow 

Vilja"-topic will be gone if Vilja has left permanently.

Change-log for ver. 1.4:

- Mounted combat. Vilja can fight enemies from the horseback. (We hope to further improve this feature in the next version).

- Vilja can wear cloaks, pouches, jewelry also when she is wearing armor, and you can configure her behaviour. For instance, you 

can tell her to not wear helmet indoors in cities, you can tell her whether or not she is supposed to combine jewelry and armor or armor and backpacks. 

- You can now teach Vilja to cast various spells from spelltomes (but only after she has learnt her first spells through her questline). (Of course you won't be able to teach her to cast a fireball. Vilja can't cast fireballs, if she could, she would have to stop bugging the player about that she wants to learn how to do it)

- You can teach her to make new potions from all the ingame recipes.

- She will only say SayOnce-comments once (We made a cure for the SayOnce-bug from Skyrim ver 1.7 that makes npcs repeat SayOnce-entries at each game-reload).

- More interaction with vanilla followers. She has quite a few new interactive scenes with J'zargo, Kharjo, Jenassa and Aranea, and some new also with the the Farkas - Aela - Lydia voicetypes (i.e. the followers that she already previously had scenes with). She also has scenes with Rayya (Hearthfire housecarl), who has the same voicetype as Aela.

- Campfire and Campsite. Vilja can make a Campfire and she can set up her own tent where the two of you can sleep when you are traveling together. Both campfire and campsite are Frostfall-compatible!

- Vilja can now shed light. In her topic "Would you please do me a favour" she has a topic for "shed light". This will make her cast a custom spell that looks quite nice. When it wears off, she will cast it again until you tell her to stop sheding light.

- Vilja's dialog tree has been reworked and should hopefully be more intuitive now. In the main topic "Travel together", you will also find an overview over decisions you have made (fighting style, essential/protected, whether or not she should swim in her outfit etc).

- If you find some of her habits really annoying, you can configure them so she will stop doing them (only after you have known her for some days, of course!). Like asking to lead the way or suggesting what to do next or wander off to inns to have a drink.

- She has a new system for "being thirsty" - put drinks in her inventory and she will use them instead of asking you for something to drink. Once she has been drinking them all, she'll be complaining until you give her new drinks.

-You can now toggle whether or not you want Vilja to remove her outfit when she is swimming

- An alternate follow-distance has been incorporated for those who feels that she is pushing them off cliffs and such.

- Vilja has a new, more immersive, way to summon her horse Bruse.

- Bruse has a functional speed multiplyer and should always keep up with the players horse (but you have to ride your horse once since you installed the mod before this will work!!)

- Bruse has new unique textures (by Lycanthrops).

- Leifur has a new improved texture (by Lycanthrops)

- More awareness. She will recognize and comment on corpses, in particular if a Friend dies, both when it happens and occasionally afterwards (if Lydia dies, for instance, she is not unlikely to mention how empty Breezehome seems without her, when you are in Breezehome that is)

- More random chatter and more randome scenes with various npcs.

- Lots of new place-, quest- and people- chatter related to the college of Winterhold.

- Lots of new place-related chatter, among other things when Vilja visits orc strongholds.

- The schedule Vilja uses when she is "at home" has been expanded - among other things she might occasionally wander off for the pub in the evening.(And if she has other followers in tow, they will of course tag along with her)

- Some slight changes have been made to Vilja's background story in order to make it better match the looks of Solstheim (like "I left from Raven Rock" instead of "I left from Fort Frostmoth")

- Vilja now has alternate traders to go to if the original ones are dead. She won't go shopping on her own initiative if the original traders are dead, but you can still tell her to go and do shopping in all cities. If also the alternate traders are dead, she will default to "well, where do you want me to go and shop, as I cannot do any shopping here?". I.e. no more instances of scenes that aren't running properly because the trader is dead.

- Cured some noteable bugs, like the one making her go forever silent if she is told to shut up. Also some smaller glitches, like Vilja walking away after visiting Tel Mithryn, have been attended to.

- Further tweaking of the dialog, hopefully she should now never talk about irrelevant things in dungeons. And hopefully the feeling of her being "nagging" should be gone.

Change-log for ver. 1.3:

- More awareness: Vilja will know if you are a werewolf, approximately how many dragons you have killed, if you are good at alchemy, pickpocketing etc and she may comment on it. She is also more aware of specific enemy types and may comment on this as well. She has always known if you are a vampire but may comment on it a bit more often.
- More chatter- and singing entries, as well as more options for book-reading.
- Continued finetuning to ensure she shouldn't get too repetetive. The caveate regarding SayOnce comments (see Caveate section) is still valid, though, so she might still repeat herself on game reload.
- Continued finetuning of dialog conditions. For instance, she should no longer ever talk to a disabled Lydia or chatter if you summon her to Sovngard.
- Fixed a glitch in her dialog that made her repeat the same greeting over and over again during a certain stage of the romance upstart.
- Friendly hugs. The hug-kill-bug should now be gone for good. You no longer need to be romancing Vilja in order to hug her - once you have finished her bottle-quest, you will be able to give her a friendly hug.
- New configuration-option: You can toggle if Vilja should or shouldn't talk when you have your weapon readied (by default she will be quiet).
- Enchanted armor will no longer have extra bonus from Vilja's increasing magic skills. 
- Vilja will now use crossbows in an appropriate way.
- A glitch with the sparring has been cured. 
- Followers following Vilja should now never wander around naked and their inventories should function appropriately. Please note that users of the AFT cannot make Lydia follow Vilja and you have to dismiss followers in order for them to follow Vilja or to sparr with her or you. 
- No more armor vanishing from Vilja's extra storage.
- Eliminated UFO commands from Vilja's dialog.
- Bruse will no longer turn transparent.
- Cured som factions related problems that could affect the behaviour.
- All instances of Vilja attacking people who are brawling with you should now be gone.
- Vilja's shopping markers should now be fully compatible with mods like Open cities, even if these mods are installed-uninstalled-installed multiple times.
- The Vilja Reset spell has been expanded and will for instance remove paralysis, unconsciosness and restore speed. If you resurrect her, always use the Reset-spell on her afterwards, in order to restore her necessary armor blockers! 
- A couple of small surprises. I will not ruin them by telling about them, but one is associated to dragons and the other to romance.

Change-log for ver. 1.2:

- The voice-files have now been cleaned and should be of better quality (thank you, Xtudo!)
- Better system for Vilja's chatter-control. You can now reliable determine how often you want her to chatter. She still starts at full chatter-speed, though! (Please note that after a game-reload she might still utter a few phrases rapidly - please see section "Caveats" below).
- Vilja's healing of the player should now work a lot better and be more reliable.
- Vilja should now always keep quiet when the player has a weapon drawn or a spell prepared.
- Vilja should now talk less and (almost) always whisper while sneaking.
- Romance: Vilja can now give you a hug - topic "let's just talk for a while"->"Would you give me a hug", and sometimes spontaneously.
- Sparring: Both you and Vilja can now spar with your housecarls, and as a bonus, housecarls can also spar with each other. (This feature is only available once Vilja has her flute back)
- Other followers can now follow Vilja instead of you. Use it for strategic dungeon-crawling, or to get Lydia out of that chair. Or simply send Vilja and the rest to a nice inn! Works with up to 
10 followers, although you should use this feature with caution on modder-made followers with advanced AI, as it could potentially interfere with their programming.
- When sneaking, Vilja will avoid combat until either she or you are detected; she won't rush in even if other followers do.
- Vilja will react faster when either you or she are being attacked.
- Vilja's spells will be more powerful as she gains levels in the required skills.
- If you for unknown reasons are forced to uninstall/reinstall the Vilja-mod, you can now restore the quest progress to approx where you were before uninstalling. Talk to Vilja about "serious matters - We have already done some of your quests", and a new npc, Beata, will temporary show up in the Bannered Mare. Talk to her in order to restore the questlines to where you were before. 
Note: as the quests are pretty much non-linear, you might need to skip back and forth in Beata's dialog to cover all quests and 

all other aspects such as romance and background story.
- Cured a bug that made Vilja chatter non-stop when sitting down during a scene.
- Vilja's ability to keep quiet during scenes or when player is in dialog has been hugely improved.She is still always allowed to talk inside inns, though!
- More filtering of dialog entries to try to further reduce unwanted repetitiveness of her chatter. (Please note that after a game-reload she might still repeat a few phrases rapidly - please see section "Caveats" below).
- You can now toggle Leifur's barking on and off.He will always be silent while you are sneaking or have weapon/fist/spell readied. 
- Leifur can now sneak and deliver sneak attacks. (He might sometimes become semitransparent while sneaking but will be fully visible again when you exit sneaking mode).
- Bruse will no longer participate in combats and will not turn aggressive if accidently hit by other teammates.
- No worldspace edits anymore. This removes any incompatibility with mods that edit them, as 'open cities'.
- All entries where Vilja is leading the way to Orc strongholds have been altered so that she now ends up outside the stronghold.
- When you tell Vilja that you need to separate for a while and that she should stay at home, she will no longer automatically go into follow mode when you talk to her at her home.
- Adjusted settings in order to make the romance progress a little faster (she can now talk about romance from afternoon and until morning).
- Cured some small conflicts with Dawnguard and Hearthfire (the most serious one being Minette not being adoptable).
- Improved stability and removal of log related warning messages.

Change-log for ver. 1.1.1:

- Vilja should now keep quiet during player's dialog with other npcs and during scenes (exception: she is allowed to chatter inside inns, as everyone else is chattering there)
- Vilja should now keep quiet when told to do so, and if told to talk less, she should talk considerably less (although still sometimes say a few sentences rapidly after one another).
- Corrected her inventory behaviour - instead of unlimited, her loot bags can now carry up to 600 units.
- Corrected how the value is calculated when Vilja is selling things for the player.
- Added a missing voice entry and some missing lipsync-files.
- Bruse's speed should now be dynamic depending on the speed of the player's horse. Bruse should now also stop a bit further behind the player horse. A safety-behaviour has been added so that if vilja can not dismount the normal way, she will still get off the horseback.
- A bug with her armor usage introduced with ver 1.1 should now be cured.
- A small bug regarding Vilja's behaviour when told to attack non-hostile npcs has now been corrected. 
- Additional npcs from the Vilja mod should now be removed once Vilja's questlines have been finished.
- If Vilja is told to leave for good, her spells will now be removed.

Change-log for ver. 1.1:

- Cleaned two ITM-entries that previous version of TES5Edit didn't find. Also cleaned some unnecessary edits of vanilla-dialog to ensure better compatibility with follower overhaul mods.
- Cured an issue with Vilja getting encumbered after frequent shopping-tours.
- Corrected a problem with Vilja's face texture. NOTE! The included face texture is optimized for UNP and vanilla bodies. If you are using other popular body mods, please chose the appropriate face texture in the Optional Files section!
- Cured the conflicts with follower overhauls, includding UFO, Convenient horses, AFF and AFT. In the case of Convenient horses, those that already have problems for using the tapping for things like access inventory with Whiterun's player horse, may need to mount that horse once more before the problem is corrected (and of course, save the game after doing so).
- Vilja should no longer warp to you if you have told her to wait for her in an inn or at home. (This correction should also take care of other problems when she warps to you at the wrong occasions).
-The mounting is now faster and more reliable and she shouldn't run away while calling Bruse. Fixed also her riding at huge speed when you mount sneaking and then dismount.
- Various other script tweaks to improve her behaviour.
- Corrected an error with her behaviour in the Falkreath Inn - now it should be OK to offer her drinks also there!
- Altered her combat behaviour when sneaking. Vilja should now engage in combat as soon as she is aware that the player is in combat (i.e. as soon as the player's health is lower than 98 %). We will work on this further for upcoming versions, feedback is welcome!
- Changed the dialog so that a certain person will explain why she won't allow you to escort her anywhere before you have completed another part of Vilja's quests.
- Added a new "Emergency-section" to Vilja's dialog (Main topic Travel together -> We need to discuss some serious matters.) Here, you can find solutions to problems that have been reported which we have been unable to reproduce (in particular scenes not starting) and to "wrong" choices you might have made that cannot easily be corrected with a console command (Cyrodiil Vilja versus Skyrim Vilja). Please note that this section should be used with caution, and if you skip a whole scene, you will lose out on immersion. Please also report your problems in the Vilja-feedback thread on Nexus, as it is only by your reports that we can learn about and correct issues with this mod!