The White Wolf Of The Lokken Mountain ver 2.1
(- a story built on the Lokken Island by TeuTonic)

Requires: Bloodmoon and Tribunal

One year after the death of their beloved chieftain Wulfgar The White, the people of the Lokken island are still mourning their loss. In the Lokken castle rules Ragnar Fire Hair, Wulfar’s cruel and demanding stepbrother. 

Wulfgar The White’s family is shattered. His wife, Sigrid, is kept prisoner in the castle, as Ragnar needs to persuade her into marriage in order to become the rightful chieftain of Lokken. Wulfren, the son, is accused of being the one who has killed his father, and he hasn’t been seen since the day Wulfgar was slain. Laurenna, the daughter, is the only one who truly believes that her brother is innocent and alive. Banished from the castle by Ragnar, she now lives in her father’s hunting cottage on the mountainside behind the castle, where she can overlook her old home, and send signals to her mother in the castle tower.

Still, there is one thing that gives Laurenna and the Lokken people hope for the future: The big white wolf, who has been seen on the mountain ever since the day Wulfgar The White was killed. Instead of being hostile, this creature seems to be watching over the island, and some people claim that he has been sent to them by their Gods, to protect them from the evil that Ragnar has now brought upon this island.

This slideshow is made by Kathryn. 
Visit her at Kats Corner.

But, now the wolf is missing. The people fear that he might have been injured or even killed by poisoned arrows from Ragnar’s hunters. 

Will you find the wolf? Will you help Laurenna to solve the mystery of her father’s death? And will you be able to bring peace and happiness to the Lokken people?

If you have heard about Lokken – the castle of the snowy mountains – you know that the setting is Bloodmoon, and that this enchanting island is created by TeuTonic, who contacted me in december 2003 and asked me to develop a quest mod for Lokken.

Once I had visited Lokken, I found the idea irresistable. This island was so beautifully created, this environment so enchanting, the npcs TeuTonic had already added were so full of life that I instantly fell in love with the whole environment. 

I hope you will do so, too!

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- Emma


- A main quest with approx. 20 hours playtime
- An enchanting island, a charming village and a castle that you may very well be able to consider as "your new home" once the storyline is completed
- Several side quests, many of them initiated only after the main quest is completed and based on random100. This way, you should be able to run into new situations and interact with the npcs on the island for a very long time to come. Help Borka to test new local mead, run errands for Granny Torunn, take care of domestic problems in the castle.
- Romance and friendship for both PC genders - and the first Bloodmoon wedding (optional).
- 96 new npc's, all of them with new dialog, 46 of them with brand-new heads (by me).
- almost 400 pages of new dialog.
- 4-5 optional companions, all using scripts by The Other Felix (similar to Laura Craft ver 2.1 but slightly adapted and simplified for this mod) (Please note: this is not a "companion-mod". Apart from shorter sequenses, you don't "have to" drag a companion with you, as in my previous mods. But, once you have completed the main-quest, some of the npc's will be happy to follow you on your adventures - if you want them to do so.)


- choose between esp or esm file.
- eight new side quests - among them the chance to help Valkyriana and Hilde to a better life and another one that will give you a new kind of optional companion. Some quests are available from start, others once you have completed the main quest.
- sidequest journals have been properly named (something I should have done already in ver 1.0)
- the Lokken children are talking and have new animations added.
- cured problem with 'advertisment' added to inventory already on prison ship.
- Lokken now has a special shipmaster in Fort Frostmoth.
- Hellena will give directions on how to find the way to the lighthouse.
- VE-fix by Peter/ps33 has been included. (Please note: some people are experiencing VE-related problems during the wedding ceremony. I haven't been able to fully cure this, but if you use "Vile Vampire Hider"-mod by Squid, available at Summit, you should be able to complete the wedding ceremony anyway. A new mod by ps33, Vampiric Illusion, is still in BETA-version when I'm writing this, but using it will also help you to overcome the 'vampire-wedding-problems'. This mod will soon be available on Summit.)
- new companion topic for restoring magicka.
- five lovely fairy tale books by Princess_Stomper has been added to the library and the trader. (previously an add-on to Lokken).
- Sonja and Stina will give the player 'snacks' once the main quest is completed (game original food that works with NOM).
- kiss animations by RX31 with scripting by The Other Felix added to Laurenna and Wulfren.
- companion scripts have been finetuned by CdCooley and include among other things a new 2-step warping behaviour, perfect for the Lokken terrain, and smart health potion usage.
- new voice greetings for Laurenna and Wulfren.
- added interactive dialog for the MW-family (add-on to Children of Morrowind, available on my site) and special greetings for Thief companion Constance (also available on my site).
- A NOM-add-on (based on work by Björn) is available (currently a BETA-version)
- fixed up two topics in order to ensure that they cannot overwrite any Morrowind topics.


- Children now uses the new body meshes from Children of Morrowin ver 2.0
- Cured the "kiss-bug" so that players with female characters no longer need to use the "kiss-patch" for the first kiss.


Three known conflicts with other mods: 
"The Knights of Darkness", "Haunted Bridge" and "Inn of the whispering wood".
The Lokken Island affects the cells -17, 20 -- -17, 23, which I have been told are attractive areas for Solstheim mods.

Please note that Lokken no longer conflicts with "Ald-Vendras-Vogar Complete". 
As for compatibility with Korana's Solstheim Castle, there is a compatibility patch included in her mod.

Lokken also conflicts with Srikandi's "Solstheim Transport" mod. However, Tim has made a fix for this, which can be downloaded among the add-ons below.

A VE-fix by Peter/ps33 has been included in this version. Please note: some people are experiencing VE-related problems during the wedding ceremony. I haven't been able to fully cure this, but if you use "Vile Vampire Hider"-mod by Squid, available at Planet Elder Scrolls, you should be able to complete the wedding ceremony anyway. A new mod by ps33, Vampiric Illusion, is still in BETA-version when I'm writing this, but using it will also help you to overcome the 'vampire-wedding-problems'. This mod will soon be available on Planet Elder Scrolls.

You are welcome to discuss and ask questions about this mod in my forum.
There you can also find
several stories based on Lokken island.

Add-ons for The White Wolf Of Lokken Mountain


Please note! This mod does NOT require Children of Morrowind.
To activate this mod, you have to be married to either Laurenna or Wulfren, and you have to have given the mead back to the Lokken people. 
Once you fulfil these requirements, go and talk to your mother-in-law Sigrid - she will have an important secret to tell you...
Ever since The White Wolf of the Lokken Mountain was released, people have been asking for a child-add-on. 
Well, this is a first try. 
Those who want to have 'their own child' with Laurenna or Wulfren will be disappointed, because this add-on won't give you that option. But, as I said, this is *a first try*, and if I can get proper 'pregnancy models' somewhere, I could probably make a different version of this later on.
As for now, this will add two children to your Lokken household, one of them being a 6 year old close relative to the Lokken family. The children are set up as fullfledged companions, but they won't level. Different from the children in CoM, these children are killable, but they are set up to regenerate health points, so you shouldn't have to be too concerned about them if you are travelling with them.

Now updated with new bodymeshes from Children of Morrowind 2.

Download The Lokken Children-add-on here

Princess_Stomper has made a lovely Christmas add-on for Lokken!
This is how the Dining Room looks:
You'll find the add-on on Princess_Stomper's site here
I am happy and proud to announce that Zappara has made a Lokken-add-on of his Temperature-mod.
The add-on can be downloaded here
NoM-add-on for White Wolf of Lokken
for all players that use Necesseties of Morrowind by Taddeus. This add-on will make it possible for you to buy NoM-food and equipment in Lokken, to cook and to get water supply. 
This add-on was originally made as a separate esp by BJÖRN. I have converted his work to an add-on, with only some very minor adjustments.
Download NoM-add-on here.  

Please note: no meshes, textures or icons are included here, as they are all included in Necesseties of Morrowind.

  Requires: Morrowind, Bloodmoon, The White Wolf of Lokken Mountain (esm) and Necesseties of Morrowind by Taddeus

I have made a Teleportring add-on for Lokken.
It can be downloaded here

PLEASE NOTE! This ring should NOT be used until you have completed the main quest! It might ruin your game-play!

Tim has made a fix to sort out the incompatibility between Lokken and Srikandi's Solstheim Teleport mod.
The fix can be downloaded here.


Download links for The White Wolf Of The Lokken Mountain:

Download ver 2,1 from Elric Melnibone
in rar-format (16,7 MB)

Download ver 2,1 from TES.Nexus
in 7z-format (10,5 MB)

Download ver 2,1 from Emma's Elder Scrolls Site
in 7z-format (
10,5 MB)

Download ver 2,1 from Great House Fliggerty
in 7z-format (10,5 MB)



German version 1.05 available here


Software for decompressing files in rar-  and 7z-formats can be found here