Grumpy's Mods

March 18, 1950 - June 17, 2005

Grumpy's Memorial Guestbook

Thank you, Grumpy, for three years of friendship, and for letting your work stay available on my site.
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You are welcome to discuss and ask questions about Grumpy's mods in my forum


Grumpy's Mod Installation Tutorial
by Grumpy - From the old Elder Scrolls Forum at Bethesda


Grumpy's explanation of companion-scripting
by Grumpy - From my forum at Morrowind ForumRing


Companion Usage
by Grumpy - From Morrowind Mythic Mods


Grumpy's Morrowind Mods 


Thief Companion Constance
by Grumpy and Emma


Grumpy's Packguar

Companion Beryl

Companion Hurd
by Grumpy and Emma

NPC Schedules (beta2)
Simple scheduling mod.
Morrowind Only required
This is a fairly simple mod 
that basically disables NPCs at various times of the day (mostly night)
Companion Project
version 1.3 or version 3.1
A companion "template" that can 
be used as is, 
or to build your own

version 2.0 or version 3.3

Claymore Emporium

The Apartment

Bethesda Crossbow

Moldy Horker

Female Companion Cally

Male Companion Gabran

Wolf Companion
by Grumpy and Emma

Dog Companions
by Grumpy and Emma