The Witchgirl Adventure

The Witchgirl Adventure. VER 1.1 - TRIBUNAL IS REQUIRED

Author: EMMA
Movement script: THEOTHERFELIX, based on the original warping script by GRUMPY

Hours of gameplay, a dangerous RESCUE MISSION, a strange ARTIFACT, ever-lasting COMPANIONSHIP, odd CHARACTERS and ROMANCE for male as well as female PC Characters - you'll find it all in the Witchgirl Adventure.

Get enchanted by Morgana de Hex, the Ald'Ruhn witchgirl. She's a talkative Breton, who would just love to be your companion. Far from being your obedient slave, she has a rather lousy temper and might curse you from time to time. But there are ways to make her as happy as a songbird, too... You'll find Morgana de Hex outside her house close to the Ald'Ruhn temple. Visit her home together with her, and she might even let you meet a very odd relative of hers...
Morgana and her friends have DIFFERENT DIALOG OPTIONS depending on the sex of your PC Character. With a female character, Morgana will be your best friend, with a male character, she might offer more than that - it you play your cards well, that is.

After being introduced to a very special relative of Morgana's, you will be thrown into a story line that will take you all over the Morrowind isle. You will hear tales about lost artifacts,and you will encounter a person who might be a danger to all the people of Vvardenfell. At least 6-8 hours of gameplay lays ahead of you.
Don't forget to talk to Morgana and her friends now and then. Certain circumstances might alter their standard greetings. You can complete the whole adventure on your own. But certain aspects will be lost - such as romance, for instance. After finishing the adventure, some of the NPC's will stay on as your companions, and as soon as the adventure is over they will come with you to Mournhold.
You will also meet a new kind of Morrowind character - the NPC personal trainer, who will help you to develop your companion's abilities in whatever way you may choose.

You are welcome to discuss and ask questions about my mods in my forum.


1) Thanks to the enhanced movement script by TheOtherFelix, your companions will now fight during levitation, and they are excellent swimmers. They can also levitate or slowfall through doors.
2) New combat options: You can a) order your companions to teleport to Ald'ruhn if they gets severely injured b) order them to stay out of fight (this approach was introduced in "Laura Craft Romance and Adventure mod ver 1.1" basically using dialog instead of scripting, which should NOT cause any errors in the enemies' attack behaviour. This version should work also when using Giants) c) Leif can be ordered to be your bowman and attack from a distant position.
3) After a while, a relative of Morgana's will provide you with telepathy rings (script by TheOtherFelix) that will make it possible for you to communicate with your companions during fight or while separated.
4) The step-aside-function, introduced by Dixon, has been added.
5) Your companions won't be happy if you try to bribe them, but there are other ways to raise their dispositions. As for Morgana, you will be able to FLATTER her (topic Moon Sugar), the outcome is based on luck and Random100.
6) Dancing girl animation has been added.
7) The companions will "know" if the PCCharacter has a weapon pointing at them, if he is nude or if he needs healing.
8) The companions will tell you about their current skills, and they will automatically report if they are injured.
9) Morgana has a couple of new spells, for instance "paralyze", that she might - or might not - use now and then.
10) The companions will greet you with several different voice-greetings, depending on their current mode and the gender of your PCCharacter.


Correspondence between Grandpa le Hex and Imperial Tom
With TommyKhajiit as Imperial Tom and Emma as Grandpa Le Hex 

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