Companions: Buddy and Holly

Requires Tribunal

At Eight Plates in Balmora, the Blades' agents Buddy and Holly are waiting for you, ready to be your companions.


Buddy and Holly originally belongs in my quest mod "Blades Quest: Prophecy of The Lost Heir". As you have to be Nerevarine in order to play "Lost Heir", I decided to make a separate companion mod with two of the Blades agents.



You should be able to safely use this mod until you decide to add "Lost Heir" instead. In order to avoid problems when upgrading to "Lost Heir", I have changed the ID-names as well as names of scripts an journals. However, the dialog is taken from "Lost Heir", so if you try to run the mods together, this will cause dialog errors. This is a pure companion mod - there are no quests connected to Buddy and Holly, and you can not develope your friendship with them. They will tell you some facts about themselves, but in order to get to know them better, you will have to play "Lost Heir" instead.

The movement script is made by The Other Felix, based on the original warping script by Grumpy.

You are welcome to discuss and ask questions about my mods in my forum.

Some of the features:
- Buddy & Holly will automatically switch from marksman to melee weapons if engaged in close combat with an enemy. (If Holly has a really good marksman weapon that she has chosen "on her own", she might not do so, as marksmanship is one of her peak skills). This feature was introduced with "Blades Quest: Prophecy Of The Lost Heir".
- Grumpy's original movement script has been further enhanced. Thanks to The Other Felix is Buddy & Holly among other things able to fight during levitation.
- A number of combat options: You can a) order Buddy & Holly to stay out of fight. b) order Buddy & Holly to cover up from a distance, using spells or marksman weapon c) order them to use marksman weapons. (You don't have to remove their other weapons in order to make them use marksman weapons)
- Buddy & Holly literally talks to you when in dialog mode
- Buddy & Holly don't like bribing. But you will find other ways to raise their disposition towards you. Buy them a drink, give Holly a flower or help Buddy find new ingredients to his botanic collection.
- Buddy & Holly will be able to communicate with you by telepathy (script by The Other Felix).They also have an "emergency teleport ring" for instant teleporting to Caius Cosades' house.
- Buddy & Holly will level with the player, but in different ways (Buddy is stronger, Holly is weaker). They also have two "peak skills" each, that will always be high and not influenced by the level of the player.
- Buddy & Holly will tell you about their current skills.
- The infamous Bethesda-bug that causes companion to take damage if passing through a door with slowfall active has been resolved. Same goes for the bug that causes companion to disappear if levitation is active when passing through a door. (Please note: you do NOT have to use the "Companionfriendly doors mod")
- Buddy's and Holly's swimming abilities have been improved.
- Buddy and Holly will automatically report if they are injured and need to heal themselves.
- The step-aside-function has been added.
- Both Buddy & Holly will dance with you.

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Download Companions: Buddy & Holly
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Download Companions: Buddy & Holly
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Download Companions: Buddy & Holly
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