Dialog and Gameplay Manual for Vilja version 4.0

Over time Vilja has grown so complex and her dialog has evolved so far that even her creators can't keep track of all the features and how to access them. There are many surprises tucked away in her dialog topics and we encourage you to try them all, but even we sometimes need a guide to find our way through the dialog maze.

Overview of dialog topics and Important Gameplay Notes

1. Travel Together

2. Let's talk fighting strategy

3. I could use your help...

4. Let's just talk for a little while

5. Let me check your gear

6. How are your skills progressing?

Quick commands:
    Get off that horse, please
    Let's go
    Let's sit down
    Wait right here, please
    Want to relax here for a while?
    Why don't you ride?

1. Travel Together

2. Let's talk fighting strategy

3. I could use your help...

4. Let's just talk for a little while

5. Let me check your gear

This brings up her inventory, where you can give or take equipment from her. Activating her while sneaking (or holding the Grab key if you use OBSE) will also access her inventory and you won't be pickpocketing her.

Vilja has extra storage containers which you can access from her main inventory screen.

At any moment she'll only agree to wear armor or normal clothing. It's very rare that she chooses to wear some of each. If what looks like clothing acts like protective armor, then it's armor. If an enchanted ring or amulet has a combat-oriented enchantment it will usually only get equipped when she's wearing armor and vice versa. And rings in the game come in left and right hand styles. While the player can wear them on either hand, NPCs are bound by the ring's hand designation. So if you want her to wear two rings, you'll need to find one of each type.

Vilja does not repair her own armor and weapons, but you can use the "Companion Master" mod to teach her that ability.

6. How are your skills progressing?

This brings up a report where you see her current skills, attributes, armor rating, health, disposition, etc. Base values are only shown if the current attribute is different.

Vilja is an alchemist and gains skills based on her profession rather than improving specific skills through training. As the player gains levels, Vilja will also but remain three levels behind.

Options Menu

Vilja has some optional features that you can configure in the game by selecting her Options Menu book that appears a the top of the skill report.

From the book you can decide if she:

You also have the ability to choose:

By default, she is non-essential, will get encumbered, sells lockpicks, provides repair hammers, is somewhat more hardy than the typical NPC, comments on quests about every 30 seconds, uses a white swimsuit based on Robert's female body, and is not interested in you as a romantic partner.

Quick commands:

These items are at the bottom of her dialog options, but only when they would make sense.

Get off that horse, please - Useful if she starts riding some horse other than Bruse (If she's riding Bruse, you can just activate Bruse to get her to dismount.)

Let's go - She'll start following you (you'll need to use the choices under Travel together to switch between armor and weapons)

Let's sit down - Make her sit down if there is an appropriate chair in the neighborhood. This has been added for roleplay-purpose; you can sit down once she is seated and thereby sit next to her.

Wait right here, please - Equivalent to guard and stand watch from the Travel together topic.

Want to relax here for a while? - She will go through a daily routine, possibly wandering to other nearby locations. If you're going to be away for a long time you should probably use the separation choice on the Travel together topic instead.

Why don't you ride? - She can ride while you walk. She'll summon Bruse if needed. (If Bruse is nearby, you can activate him to get her to mount. In Shivering Isles and modded world spaces, she can ride with you but not if you are walking.)

In cases of emergency...

We have made our best to make Vilja function as flawlessly as possible. However, it is a mod in a game world where many of you are using hundreds of mods together. And realistically, there must be situations we haven't foreseen that you might run into.

Therefore, we have built in "emergency-solutions for you". These are included in Vilja's Start Combat spell (which you normally use to help her pick a combat-target).

If you cast the Start Combat spell on Vilja herself you will get a new menu, where you can reset her temporary variables and animation. It should sort out most kinds of issues with her.

You can do the same with Bruse and Wolfgang if they should begin acting oddly.

A time-honored way to resolve NPC problems is to leave them in some interior cell, then go somewhere else and wait for at least 72 game hours. When you go back, that just might have resolved whatever problem you were having.

If you for some reason still decide that you have to uninstall and reinstall the mod, the Start Combat spell will help you to upgrade Vilja's storyline to approximately where you were before you uninstalled. In this case, you'll have to cast the combat spell not on Vilja but on the Dunmer witch Heneri in Cheydinhal (you'll find her either in the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn or strolling in the towncentre). If you haven't met Heneri yet, you haven't gotten far enough into her first quest to worry about using this option.

And don't forget to read through the Conflicts & Limitations section of the ReadMe file to make sure you're not experience a known problem or conflict that has a simple solution.